Original CV

Original CV

The Curriculum Vitae of a graphic designer can be quite curious for the very fact that to talk about as we are or what we are capable of doing we do not need to use the written word as a vehicle, in fact the design of our resume itself can be more than referential and can give many clues as to what type of designers and workers we really are. Hence the importance of having Original CVs to attract attention.

The truth is that the vast majority of all of us who are dedicated to the most creative sector (whether we are designers, content creators, writers or visual artists) would like to be able to use our resume as a «canvas», because without a doubt we are certain that this is really our curriculum vitae Original would be accurate and precise, perhaps more than the name of the center in which we study or even the companies for which we work.

Occasionally we have talked about designing ourselves, something that we are doing synchronously with the design of our professional career. This human-professional or work design has to do with many things. Our style when it comes to working, the tendency we have to choose a certain color palette in our jobs, your abilities, your aptitudes, and your resume as well as your portfolio. The most appropriate solution to develop a good design that is also real, is for all these variables to agree and reflect one another. We will choose the dose of creativity or our own style that we want to put in our original curriculum and therefore how more or less brave and risky we are going to be. I say risky because indeed we must also learn to be good forecasters in certain situations and above all in certain interlocutors. As incredible as it may seem, many companies looking for someone to fill the vacancy in a creative position and who demand maximum insight reject this type of original CV. Will there be a greater nonsense in this world? Surely yes, but not much more outlandish.

Original CV

The truth is that if we stop to analyze it carefully, this type of behavior has its explanation and some quite reasonable arguments. First of all, we must bear in mind that the recipient will not always need the best professional and let me explain. As you need to have the best professional, you do need it, but generally in most cases you cannot afford it. I say in most cases because there are mostly SMEs and medium-sized companies, so if you decide to send a work of art per resume to any small or medium-sized company, it is most likely that those responsible for rights Humans "get scared" and think that they will not be able to pay what you are worth (good, this will almost always be the case but hey that's another matter). So such creative and cool solutions sometimes they can become counterproductive. In these types of situations, which will be the majority, you should opt for more standard solutions, which do not have to be mediocre and that I am here to talk to you about these types of solutions today because they are the most effective for practical purposes.

The best original CVs to download

Below I would like to share a selection of nothing more and nothing less than 40 original cv examples that we can adapt to whatever our profile is. Although some of them may be too risky, you can always use them for inspiration and add some of their traits to your original CV:

DESCRIPTION by xiruxiru

The fruit takes on a special meaning here and provides originality, freshness and almost youth to this curious proposal of original curriculum vitae

original curriculum

Rei's Resume by Rei pash

In this example, wallpaper is used as a resource to give a touch of elegance and creativity to the design.

original resumes

DESCRIPTION by zxcxvxc

Paint splatters are perhaps one of the most absolute symbols of creative freedom.

DESCRIPTION by brazil nut

This example shows a structure that uses lines and logo very well.

Typographic Resume by mac1388

Playing with letters and fonts can also provide very good results.

My Recent Resume by pixel prop

A horror poster as a resume proposal. Incredible!

My Resume by darthkix

A graphic summary with the silhouette of the protagonist and some explanatory labels.

DESCRIPTION by cheektocheek

A very attractive proposal with some nuances of pop art and perhaps some retro style.


Sometimes making good combinations of colors and shapes is more than enough.

DESCRIPTION by kyuzengi

Instability in the lines can provide an attractive result as in this example.

DESCRIPTION by heidani

We can also resort to the use of silhouettes that accompanied by fonts and unevenness can provide great results.

Resume Upgrade by mac1388

All the information is concentrated in a group of letters, with a glance we can obtain all the information.

Resume Updated by twolapdesigns

Here is a good example in which colors, silhouettes, uneven structures and letters are mixed well.

icART summarizes by icasialnrdy

Including good photographs can add a touch of sophistication to our resumes, especially if they are images that represent us well.

DESCRIPTION by Akashrine

A pet can sometimes reflect a personal part of our character. In this example we play with the silhouette of a squirrel.

Resume Spanish by rogazian

The mixture of colors does not have to be reduced to decorative elements, we can also create great combinations between text, images and shapes.

DESCRIPTION by bdechantal

Sometimes we can resort to more classic or sober solutions but not for that reason less creative solutions.

Resume Resume by toromuco

We can include small illustrations and use them to play word games with them.


Gradients, textures and images can work very well if we can integrate them with a pleasant personal photograph.

Staff Resume 2010 by heeeeman

An infographic can very well represent our strengths and capabilities.

Summarize WIP by AchisutoShinzo

Here we find a map of the metro, at each stop you will find the data of the protagonist.


We can provide a very personal and pleasant touch by including close settings such as a work table.

Server Summary by rkaponm

Handwritten fonts can provide a somewhat closer and more creative speech as in this example.

my resume by littlearashi

With a serif typeface and a grunge texture we can obtain a quite acceptable result.

DESCRIPTION by Lordgabsta

Sketches and illustrations can represent our style very well, although we must know how to choose them well.


And here is another infographic with quite interesting color combinations.

The Birth of My Resume by NoviceXyooj

An oriental look can provide a more artistic result to our resume.

DESCRIPTION by tennis biscuits

In this example we see how elements such as images, braces, shading and various fonts have been applied.

Creative Resume First Edition by nikond50

Without a doubt one of my favorite options. A radial gradient shaped resume with headlines and flat illustrations.

My Old Designer's Resume by ExtremeJuvenile

The cartoon style can provide an extra ingredient of freshness and youthful air.

Curriculum Vitae by arbrenoir

Here we find a very artistic curriculum that takes advantage of the depths of the ocean to reveal the data.

My new resume by living2prove

An illustration with pie charts and elements in the form of a flat illustration.

 CV by Verine

A curriculum that is based on the use of colors that make up the CMYK system, appropriate for graphic designers.

Updated CV by xchingx

Trival elements on black background. A curious option and without a doubt within the original CV that we are looking for.

CV by giemax

We can use circular structures to integrate them with linear elements that provide an added elegance.

CV by johnnywall

Changing the sense in which fonts are displayed can provide added sense.

My Creative Resume by liagiannjezreel

Here is another example that goes into original CV, quite personal with a photograph and the use of handwritten fonts.

My curriculum vitae by flaterie

Sometimes a simple and clean solution can contain very creative elements. Here an example.

CV Tudor Deleanu by iTudor

Using the Pantone color palette can be a very successful symbol if you are a graphic designer.

Adam Balazy CV by balazy

A grunge texture, flat illustrations and characters in a more cartoon style.

What do you think of this selection of the best Original CV?

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  1.   echi23 said

    very good all .... they refresh the view a lot

  2.   Alberto said

    Good good good !!! I liked them!!!

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    fabuleusa inamomes by alana and sinjexa with brado daras. riamo aramoss and fratuico amegimo with dolulo preserves!

  4.   Jairo said

    where can i find a tutorial to do it

  5.   resumes said

    Excellent compilation, I got very good ideas for the design of future resumes!

  6.   Katherine Salinas-Mendoza said

    They call this model curriculum, who came up with such stupid things are horrible and ridiculous… .. curriculum, ha! 

    1.    mauro said

      stop reading life, acquire some knowledge and release your brain

      1.    Ricardo said

        Sooo well said. You can see that this lady does not know about design and has her opinion. Within these resumes there is an important creative and operational process and the truth that saying I do not like this for saying it is from an ignorant and immature person. Regards!

    2.    Juan p said

      you don't know friend, you have to be an accountant lawyer or something from the desk because you don't know

  7.   jrsp1 said

    Katherine, your graphic culture, creativity and intelligence show a lot.
    Curriculum in plural is: Curricula.
    The zeta of stupidity is conspicuous by its absence.
    The ridiculous ... only yours.

    1.    Rogelio Cuervo Zarate White said

      I am of the same opinion.

    2.    Tania said

      It is noted that he knows nothing of creative identity and intelligence ...

    3.    Esteban said

      It seems to me that drawing the conclusion that Katherine is not intelligent, ignorant and immature from her comment does show little maturity ...
      These resumes are very innovative, but many of them are barely readable. I have seen many innovative and spectacularly designed resumes that were perfectly readable. I don't know how the selection process is in your world, but how you send your resume to a company that is not exclusively design and the HR recruiter be the same for the other areas of the company (secretariat, management, processes, engineers, ...) half of these CVs would not have a chance, because the recruiter will not waste time deciphering the information.
      As they say up there, they are very refreshing, but they are great to hang on the wall, not to read inside.

  8.   Yuri Luis Medina Barrios said

    At least 30% of the examples are well done… the rest are still green.

  9.   Louise. said

    there are some who are not at all .. I share the opinion of Luis Medina

  10.   Handz valentin said

    These dynamic resumes look interesting. Great for an innovator and designer… though, I've seen some "serious" companies frown on these new CVs.

  11.   Silvia Vera Laceiras said

    genials !!!! they super inspire me

  12.   Patricia said

    The CVs can be as original as you want, in fact, they all distil a lot of design work and many hours of work, but I think we must not forget who we direct it (Human Resources of the companies, which in the end are the ones who select, interview and hire or not) and what information we transmit. The brand image is not only achieved with a good design, it is also necessary to provide a quality message. Greetings to all

  13.   raquel1@hotmail.com said

    I think that several resumes that were designed do not project the seriousness that they should provide, some even look like billboards or something like that.

  14.   lanyuan said

    The CVs are great thanks a cordial greeting