6 online alternatives to layout your designs

Applications to layout designs online

Layout applications today are essential for many design agencies and it is not surprising. If we stop to think about it, it makes perfect sense. The main reason for its success is that the mockup as a tool does not focus exclusively on design, but goes one step further and focuses on usability and accessibility. Both are important factors in a project that has a web or mobile destination since in the end we are talking about a virtual stage, yes, that in the end will be occupied by our end user. We want to offer you comfort and an environment where information flows quickly and intuitively. But things can get a bit more complicated when within our project we are involving other areas that are also very important to achieve success and effectiveness in our proposal. Areas or fields such as development, marketing or even sales. In that case, layout your designs can get a bit more complicated.

Logically, each of the areas involved in our work has needs that it needs to cover. The simplest and most effective way to coordinate all our efforts may be in the use of these types of applications that will help us plan the skeleton of our project with much greater precision. At the end of the day, what it is about is to build an efficient and usable skeleton or interface above all taking into account the needs and objectives of each of the integrated areas. For this reason, below we are going to offer you six very interesting alternatives and the best of all is that you can find them directly on the web without having to download any program.

Balsamiq: Perfect for easy layout of your designs

It is one of the best known for several reasons. Balsamiq allows you to create wireframes with great power and solvency, allowing you to work on large projects. With this alternative you will be able to perfectly plan your projects through fully interactive Mockups and not only that, but it is about templates that can be linked to each other within each project. On the other hand, it offers different subscription modalities with monthly plans and also the possibility of accessing the service in a single payment.


Like Balsamiq, Prototyper offers as its main potential the ability to develop mockups by linking templates or mockups internally within the project. This alternative is in a free desktop version (although it also offers a premium mode).


It is a fantastic option if you are trying to work together with a team of collaborators. In addition to sharing many of the features that we have mentioned above, Mockflow offers us the possibility of working on our staff in offline mode, that is, without the need to be connected to the Internet.


It has interesting attributes that could not be left out of our selection, such as the possibility of collaboration in real time on our project or the possibility of nesting templates and creating relationships between them. Perhaps as a weak point we can highlight that it is a paid application and does not offer a free alternative.


Lately it has gained a lot of ground and it is that Mockinbird offers the possibility of planning designs and interfaces with the power of a desktop application but in online mode, without having to download anything and with total freedom of access and work in any circumstance. This alternative offers us the option of exporting our models in other formats such as PDF or the unlimited creation of different screens for each project.


It has most of the features that we have mentioned in the other alternatives, although we have to say that we found it somewhat expensive. With it we can draw and design within our proposals, interact with each of the templates that make up our projects, include observations on each of the screens that we have developed, collaborate with other users by adding user categories, etc.

Using this type of alternative can become a considerable saving of time and an effective way to enhance and coordinate teamwork and development in all those projects that need the harmonization and organization of different aspects. In this way, design, fluidity, accessibility and usability will go hand in hand with our interests and the interests of our future users or clients.

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  1.   madlaunch (@madlaunch) said

    I don't know all the tools, but they look great and I'm going to take a look at them to see how they work. Thank you very much for the post ?