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Would you like create logos for free? There are few topics in the designer community that cause more tension than the topic of labor encroachment. In the field of corporate design and logos, there are a large number of tools that today try to replace the figure of the classic designer. The routes are quite wide: From free logo design services and with dizzying costs that range between 5 and 10 euros per logo to free online systems and applications that try to automate the design of free logos through pre-established solutions extracted from an extensive bank of logos. What is my personal opinion? Surely the same as that of any graphic designer. These applications and tools are a way of promoting a misconception and very far from reality: The work of a graphic designer is something mechanical and expendable that can be covered through solutions of low quality and precision.

If you're looking for create your logo a solid, effective and efficient result for a positioned business and you are trying to find a lopotype that perfectly suits the demands of your project, let me tell you that these types of tools are by no means the best alternative you can access. So if you are someone who has a firm project and a moderately consolidated position within your market, it is best to ignore all these alternatives.

However, we should not be excessively radical either and we cannot ignore some of the advantages that these types of alternatives provide for create logos for free. Because indeed, not all projects are of the same size, not all have the same needs or have the same degree of evolution and maturity. There are times when it may be okay to use these types of logo design tools. Below I propose some of these cases:

You just started a personal blog

You are entering the world of content creation and it is the first time that you have embarked on this type of project. You do not have the necessary resources to face the hiring of a designer, much less do you have the necessary knowledge to create your logo. You just started from scratch and do you want to get a logo That broadly defines the trend that your editorial line will follow. In these cases, you can use these tools yourself to obtain the solution that best suits you.

You are a design student and you want to see different alternatives of a logo

This type of tool has a good side and that is that they provide (or usually provide) large banks that exemplify the development of "amateur" logos. As a first contact it may be good for you to visit them and familiarize yourself with the different composition strategies that can be applied in a logo. Above all, it is recommended (perhaps more) that you create your own collections of logos that attract your attention, because in this way you can learn to find your style and find the stylistic and graphic features that connect with your way of understanding aesthetics.

You are a professional designer and you need some black humor

I perfectly understand. There are times when work is uphill, stress, fatigue end up taking their toll and you may be as much a fan of the black comedy genre as I am. These web pages that we present to you today have enough spark to make you laugh more than once if you are a designer hardened in a thousand battles: Guaranteed.

From our corner, we intend to promote an image worthy of the graphic designer as a professional and of course bet on the value that this wonderful work possesses at all levels. That is why it is very important that we know how to find the right place for each tool that we find ourselves from when we started as simple apprentices until we became respected and consecrated professionals. All of us who are part of this community are aware that graphic design is above all a form of communication that pays special attention to aesthetics and efficiency. Simply starting from the meaning and implications of the word communication, we can discard all seriousness to these tools since communication inevitably requires bilaterality and feedback, something that a mechanized and automatic system does not provide. Here there is no bilaterality, here we speak of an information medium and we move away from the territory of graphic design to approach a bank of amateur solutions.

Here we present 20 totally free alternatives to obtain logos quickly and personalized. Obviously, from here we will not make any kind of promotion to web pages that offer premium services for this type of work. Enjoy them!

Online tools to create logos for free

As I mentioned, on the internet there are many tools to create free logos but here we are going to show you the best that we have found. Of course, if you are youtuber you can also use them to create your logos for YouTube.


free logo

Free logo has a simple online editor that will allow us to mix text, graphics, colors and some predefined effects to be able to make a logo easily and in a short time.


logotypemaker to create logos for free

Free logos

It only asks you to enter a text and it automatically generates a large number of options that you can download directly. You can access the web from here.


cooltext to create your logo

In addition to generating logos, on this website you can find more than 1.900 text fonts that you can download for free to your computer.

Logo generator

4.logogenerator for free logo design

Free logos

One of the oldest in the place but it never goes out of style. On this website you can find more than 100.000 logos to download, so you have them for all tastes and colors. Enter your website from here.

Hipster Logo Generator, create your logo

Free logos

Another interesting online editor where you can use figures, texts and colors to create a logo in minutes and with a good final result. You can access from this link.

Logaster, free logo design

Free logos

Logaster is an online logo generator that allows you to create a quality logo in a few minutes and for free. You only need to enter the name of your company and choose the type of business. Works with all major formats (PNG, PDF, SVG, JPEG) as well as many sizes. It also allows you to download the versions for social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus) or to make business cards, envelopes, etc.

Flaming text, logos for YouTube

7.flammingtext to generate logos for youtube

In addition to allowing you to make a logo, it is also a very useful name generator to be able to name your project and / or website. It works well in English so it is only valid for international projects or in that language. Access the service website from here.



With LogoYes you can make a logo in minutes starting from the thousands of mockups they have organized by categories.

Create Free Logo


Create Logo for free online allows you to create logos for free in 4 simple steps and download them in high resolution. Due to its intuitive system and its speed, it can be very useful to take a quick look at your prototype.

Mantic design

It is an online tool and it has more customization options that will allow you to influence more variables. Visit the page from here.

Free Logo Services

logo free

FreeLogoServices is a free online tool that has several sections where the different logos are categorized. This alternative allows you to develop a free logo in just a few minutes. It will also provide you with the possibility of designing your business card based on the logo you have created, or of using it to print it on t-shirts or other items.

GraphicSprings Logo Creator

logo free

GraphicSprings is probably the most powerful tool presented here, as its customization and configuration options are overwhelming. Although it is still far from being a designer tool, it is close to being one. As a complementary option, it allows you to hire a professional from your team to develop the logo you are looking for, it will be professional. It allows the option of filtering depending on the type of business or project for which you require a new logo.


logo free

LogoCraft allows you to work from its bank of icons to which you can add text and effects of all kinds. Once your logo is done you can save or download it for future use. You will also be able to access previously created logos to be able to edit them in a tremendously simple way. They also have a complementary logo design service that starts at $ 49.

Ease logo


LogoEase is an online application with which you can create and design your logo for free in a few minutes. As if that were not enough, it also has several video user guides, so that you can take advantage of all its features in a simple and fast way.

 Logo Factory Website


LogoFactory this option is again somewhat more basic, but for developing simple solutions and beginner logos it can be quite practical. It is also totally free and also does not require any type of registration or selection process to be able to use it.

Garden logo


Logo Garden is a fairly practical and simple to use tool. It provides quite attractive and cleaner looking logos totally free and fast.

 Snap logo

logo free

Logo Snap does require registration. With this tool you can create a logo in a simple way and continue to edit or use it later, although you must first log in.

 Online Logo Maker

online logo maker

You can use the Online Logo Maker online application for free easily and quickly. You will not need to register and you can save the final result of your logos in PNG format.



Supalogo is one of the oldest online applications to create logos for free and it is still working. Through it you can create and download logos in a tremendously fast and easy way. You write the text or the name of the logo, choose your options and download the final result.



If you are a fan of the acclaimed game Minecraft, now with TextCraft you can create titles and logos in the style of the video game, that is, in 8 bits. The process is extremely simple and free.


If you are entering the world of graphic design or you are an average designer, Youidraw is a drawing tool that works as a powerful online design solution. With the possibility of working with vectors in different environments, you will have everything you need to express your style and creativity in your logos. It has both a free version and a premium version that includes extensions.

Do you know more pages where you can create logos for free? Tell us what resources you use when designing logos or identities quickly and easily.

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