80 text effect tutorials for Photoshop

80 text effects for Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop carries more than 25 years surprising us with the work tools that it is capable of providing us with. Through this program we can create incredible compositions and effects that go through digital photo manipulation and any visual work (including motion graphics). But if we are able to make this powerful application compatible with other applications from Adobe, we will achieve more professional results. As we know, the development of texts and fonts is something that has a great weight within the identity construction of any proposal, therefore, especially in the world of advertising, this type of work takes on special importance.

It is highly recommended that we try to review the best softwares that are at our full disposal today (yes, some are free and others are premium or paid). If you want to dedicate yourself to the world of lettering or dive into typographic design, I would recommend that you make use of giants like Cinema 4D, Illustration, and even dare to experiment with programs like Paint tool Leaves, of Japanese origin and very simple but effective and of course with applications such as Lightroom or Adobe After Effects if you want to take a leap into the world of animation and want to give life and dynamism to your projects. Today we are going to take a short tour of the most surprising effects in Adobe Photohop with the help of various designers who altruistically have shared on the web what are the methods to achieve good quality and a stimulating result.

What kind of effects are recommended in each project?

80 text effects for Photoshop

And is that today there are all kinds of projects that have specific needs. It will not be the same if we face the design of the cover of a novel, the promotional poster of a short film and much less if we dedicate ourselves to the world of corporate identity and the development of visual solutions that fit the identity of companies and clients we work for. In the latter case we have a series of connotations such as absolute simplicity and ease of reading and recognition by users, something that especially in the world of advertising and the promotion of events and products will often be avoided. looking for complex solutions and finishes full of nuances and details.

For this reason, I recommend that if you are embarking on the world of design and are attracted to this type of work, before you try to document yourself at a general level and especially examine what type of projects are moving in each sector and in each case. If you work for a client and you need to face specific demands, it will be very important that you take into account what are the features that you must preserve and which ones you must develop or create on your own to add more conceptual weight to the identity in question. Briefings are very important documents in the day-to-day life of a graphic designer because they will help us to gather together all the information we need about our client and about the project that we are going to develop. Having a briefing will help us to be more accurate and to provide our clients with exactly what they are looking for. You must ensure that in addition to conforming to the trend of the company or the client, you must provide the desired technical characteristics for the result to be applicable. Of course, once we have embarked on the documentation process and we have extracted the clues about what we need, it is time to improvise and give life and creativity to the concepts that have previously been within our theoretical and strategic plan.

80 text effects for Photoshop

Today we will focus on this last phase and We will help you out with some proposals that will provide you with an extra dose of inspiration to develop good work. If you're trying to learn how to create stunning, professional-grade text effects, you've just come to the right place. Today we will share a fairly wide selection of effects with their respective tutorials in the form of lessons for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Cinema 4D. Whether you are a professional or if you are introducing yourself in this area, I am sure that these exercises will benefit you a lot because with them you will perfect your technique and learn to master new tricks and work systems that will make you more professional and perfect your skills. As you can see, the level of work of each of these examples is different. In case you are introducing yourself into design, it is recommended that you start with the most basic exercises and gradually increase the level.

Before going to our selection, it should be noted that these exercises are not in Spanish, many of them are in English, so it will be highly recommended that you get a translator or a tool to understand them perfectly, although all are included with their respective images and illustrating the entire creation process step by step, so I am sure that it will be tremendously easy for you to get hold of each of these exercises in the form of tutorials.

80 text effects for Photoshop

Without more to say, We hope you enjoy them and we remind you that if there is a broken link, let us know so we can rectify any problem, although we will not be able to do anything in the event that the original author of said content has decided to remove his exercises from the network. Enjoy them!

Logos and branding

80 text effects for Photoshop

Minimalism prevails in the design of logos and corporate identity. It is perhaps of all the areas that we are going to see, the one that provides us with more defined canons and lines of development. Its lines are very easy to predict, we only have to stop to analyze the functions that a logo fulfills. The main requirements that the logo of any type of brand must meet are mainly:

  • Guarantee a differentiation of the business it represents.
  • It should be easily recognizable, in a few seconds the essence must be captured.
  • Must be applicable to all types of supports, in any condition, composition and in any proportion.


80 text effects for Photoshop

The field is much broader and does not have as many functional or practical "conditions". If we could establish a premise, it is its ability to impact and stand out in environments full of information. The complexity of the compositions, therefore, is usually much higher since it requires a greater load of photo manipulation and digital post-production. Although in the design of corporate identity flat design prevails for its simplicity and easy application, in advertising complex effects and three-dimensionality they are much more present.


Within the video we could say that "anarchy" reigns because all the stylistic lines are viable and can be totally effective. In recent times, material design and minimalism have found an important niche in graphic design applied to video. This also has a lot to do with the fact that branding and corporate identity have crossed borders and now more and more all types of companies are jumping into the world of video to promote themselves.

Essential selection

Simple effect of liquid blood

Experimental effect: Illustrated colored letters

Text inspired by the Clash of the Titans effect

Lumpy illustrated effect in Adobe Illustrator

Retro effect with bow style

Modern 3D effect and handwritten font

Water jet effect in Adobe Photoshop

Three-dimensional letters effect in the sky

Vintage and neon effect 

Embedded text in city for commercial poster

Retro type vectorized text 

Mysterious effect Lost

Dark and grunge text effect

Simple text with wood texture

Simple Neon Text Effect by abduzeedo

Simple, retro-type textured effect

How to design a lego typeface in a simple way

Warcraft golden letters effect 

Simple effect woven text

Create a chalk effect for logo in photoshop

Three-dimensional summer effect

Create a mosaic-like text effect in Adobe 

Three-dimensional loop effect

Conceptual text design with light effect

Smoke letters effect in Adobe Photoshop

Creation of three-dimensional letters

Chemical tubes as a typographic effect

Letter effect with neon lights

Lettering effect from a cord

Earth effect in Adobe photoshop

Watermelon effect

Neon lights effect with background

Bread typographic effect

Illustrated retro effect

Geometric effect

Volume and light effect 

Three-dimensional typography with gradient effect

Three-dimensional effect stars wars

Black and white three-dimensional effect

Typography merged with house under construction

Mysterious typographic effect in the sky

Neon lights inserted into typography

Sparking effect

Gold letters effect with light reflections

Golden three-dimensional letters effect

Chocolate valentine effect

Layered text effect

Three-dimensional winter effect

Colorful three-dimensional wooden letters

Celestial effect

Frozen effect

Three-dimensional autumn effect

Effect through drops of breeze

Three-dimensional summer effect

Bread slices effect

Magic effect

Summer time effect

Caramel textured effect

Three-dimensional plastic effect

Notes blog effect

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