Pros and cons of the Elementor plugin

How the Elementor plugin works

Elementor is a plugin among several available for the WordPress blog and website creation platform. It facilitates the creation of web pages in an agile and simple way, even without having advanced knowledge of programming. With elements you can have an interactive graphical interface based, for the most part, on dragging elements from one block to another.

Thanks to its ease of use, it allows create complex designs much more easily. Web developers and designers tend to use Elementor as the main plugin, thus helping to generate a specific, clear and direct web design, and with much more simplified handling. In any case, there are pros and cons when choosing the Elementor route for your web pages, so in this article we review the most important components before making a design decision.

The free version and the paid version of the Elementor plugin

Before explore the world of Elementor in depth, it is important to differentiate the free version from the paid version, known as Elementor Pro. The latter offers a greater number of functionalities, advanced features and additional configurations to get more out of it when designing your website. It has a greater number of widgets available, design templates, contact form integration and A/B split testing, among other things. Another advantage of Elementor Pro is that its customization functions are even more complete, being able to add animations, create custom designs and apply scrolling effects.

The main advantages of Elementor

Thinking about using Elementor as a plugin for the development of your website, it is relevant to know its highlights. The positive or pro points when putting together your design from this interface that incorporates different alternatives that are very easy to use and visually simple to understand, so that your page is just as you imagine it.

Intuitive and easy to learn interface

When design your own website, a very complete and complex tool can end up discouraging you. With Elementor you can start working on your web designs and get results quickly and visually very attractive in a short time. Even without advanced programming knowledge you can end up achieving complex designs for your website.

How the Elementor plugin works on your website

Flexible and customizable

Achieve that the proposal is totally versatile and moldable to your liking It is another of the points in favor of Elementor. You can modify almost every visual aspect of a template, from color to font styles, animations, and special and transition effects. Another great advantage is that with a single touch you can adapt the design to the reading screen, being a website compatible with mobile phones, tablets or PCs with the peculiarities of each device.

Integration with other plugins

Elementor is one of the Easiest plugins to use in WordPress because its compatibility with other plugins is also very high. Thus, it is possible to add extra functionalities without having to make major modifications. As they are compatible plugins, each one fulfills its function and provides greater possibilities to the final design.

Excellent performance

When we are working on the design of a web page, achieve good overall performance it's key. Otherwise, each edition or modification of the platform can end up being a headache. That doesn't happen with Elementor because it is designed to be a fast and lightweight plugin. It loads in just a few seconds and offers a vast user experience to jump between one element and another very quickly.

Active development of the Elementor plugin community

In order for a plugin not to become outdated, the developer community cannot be absent. That's why Elementor is so popular, because it has millions of users around the world who continue to add new proposals and sharing doubts, advice and tips in the forums. Elementor has regular updates and the developers and community team following the project are in constant communication.

Negative points of the Elementor plugin

As with many other positive things, Elementor also has some limitations or negative points. None of them makes the experience less recommendable, but you must know the plugin thoroughly to choose it fully.

High learning curve

Although the user interface and general functions They are simple to understand, to get the most out of the Elementor plugin you must have a minimum knowledge of web design. Otherwise, its varied options can be overwhelming and discourage newbies.

Template dependency

The predefined templates in Elementor they help you save time for the arrangement of basic elements of web design. However, this also brings restrictions on the overall interface design and web scrolling.


The free version of Elementor has several features cut. Although Elementor Pro incorporates them, it is true that the price can be a bit high for certain users. Elementor pricing table is:

  • Staff. 49 euros per year and support for a single domain.
  • Plus. 99 euros per year and up to 3 web pages.
  • Expert 199 euros per year and up to 25 web pages in the same user.
  • Studio. 499 euros per year and support for 100 web pages.

Frequent updates

Some users can see the constant updates of Elementor as a negative point, since the platform is constantly changing. Beyond updates and modifications for security, some tools or elements may change location or function and this represents a nuisance.

Code Overload

On certain occasions, Elementor users have indicated that the plugin can overload the websites code. When it comes to solving this problem, the community itself recommends optimizing the web code regularly and configuring the plugin in order to reduce any negative effects.


Although The benefits far outweigh the negative points of Elementor According to the community, when choosing you have to know both sides. The plugin continues to be updated and remains one of the simplest and most visually dynamic pieces for editing web pages and creating blogs.

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