Create your Photoshop brushes and arrange them in your own library

loading brushes in photoshop is very easy

Brushes represent for cartoonists one of the essential elements for the performance of your illustrative work with the tool Photoshop. And it is that often, they have problems and incur wasted time when trying to find the right brush for the job they want to do.

Fortunately, you yourself can create your brushes And better yet, you can have them organized in your library for when you need them. So in this article, we will tell you how to create your Photoshop brushes and how to order them.

Create your own brushes and arrange them in your library

brushes to use in photoshop

To work in an organized way, it is recommended first remove all those brushes that you don't use, since if you do your work you will know which ones are convenient for you or not to eliminate.

How to create brushes in Photoshop

R create new brushes and you can also modify the ones you already have.

Starting from a blank canvas drawn with the brushes you have available, make marks to your liking in gray and black, once ready, use the selection tool to take the mark and save it as a new brush, select the Edit option, define the value of the brush and proceed to name it for later identification, press OK and you will have created a basic brush for Photoshop.

Now it will be explained how to give the brush other essential characteristics To provide texture and special effects, this is accomplished with the brush tip options.

To do so, you must select the brush previously created and go to the brush options, clicking on "Window-Brush".

Options for modifying brush options in Photoshop

Dynamic shape option

This allows to do modifications to the shape and size of the brush, also scale and angle of its line and the circumference of the tip of this.

Dispersion option

Through it it is possible that the brush leaves scattered or concentrated brands According to the artist's taste, you can choose to activate both axes for proportional marks.

Texture option

Create your Photoshop brush with special textures, you can add brightness effects, size, depth, etc. to the texture.

Double brush option

With it you can join a brush that you already have stored with another to which you can also make modifications, it is suggested not to exaggerate in the creation of these double brushes since slow down the Photoshop tool.

Dynamic color option

These brushes they change the color as long as the path progresses, provided the option "apply with tip" is activated.

Transfer option

Through this, it is possible to make strokes with our brush as opaque as we want and get pretty subtle degradations. Other available options can be applied with the mixer brush, but they require a lot of RAM memory, if it is not available it is suggested to avoid activating it.

Brush pose option

It is possible to change the inclination of the brush tip.

Other options for creating Photoshop brushes

Brushes to use in photoshop

  • Noise, highlights the edges of the path
  • Wet edges, emulate the effects of watercolor
  • Concentration, works to give paint spray effect (airbrush)
  • Smooth, smooth curves

Once your Photoshop brushes have been saved, you can make a selection of the ones you are going to use the most, of your favorites or whatever your motivation is to group them.

It is important to remember that for anyone who uses Photoshop as their work tool, it is very useful to know these tips, but also and after taking the trouble to create each brush to their liking, the be able to keep them organized, it will be useful for later use; You can create your own library for this.

How to create your own brush library

You must click on Edit, settings manager and settings manager established. Proceed to select all the brushes you want to group and click on "save set". Locate it in a section of your PC, take it to a folder of "brushes”, Which is inside Photoshop and is found in program files, Adobe Photoshop, presets, brushes.

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