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The world of animations is more present every day, there are many programs that help us create detailed video editions. If you don't know CSS yet, the time has come for you to start familiarizing yourself with it and discover everything that can be done.

But since we don't want to elaborate, we bring you a post full of animations, many of them fulfill a certain function, others have simply been designed to entertain and amuse. In this post, we show you some of the best CSS animations and in addition, we show you other programs of interest where you can continue your journey as a designer or animation designer.


CSS is defined as a kind of resource that is usually widely used in the web page design sector. That is, it is a series of codes that are designed to fulfill certain functions. If you know the term HTML, you will surely know the term CSS, because they go hand in hand and both are two fundamental pillars in the creation and development of many other internet resources.

For you to understand it better, there are already designed templates where you can start editing them and thus create your own web page. But if what you want is to modify link addresses or the link of your page, it will be necessary to use some codes that every programmer must know.

General characteristics

  • Although at first glance it seems that HTML and CSS are the same, they are not. With HTML you can redirect and distribute the information you need or want from your web page. On the other hand, with CSS, what you allow is the order of each one of the pages that you are designing. Nor they are the same but as mentioned above, both are two fundamental pillars in the development of web pages.
  • The characteristic of CSS is that it can be used in many browsers, it does not have any established pattern, but its language is universal and also suitable for all available devices. This facilitates the work since no type of extension is needed, much less a programmer.
  • As also specified, It is a good tool if what you want to design and in this way modify or change any aspect of the interface of your web page. This derives from both fonts and tones, that is, You have a wide range of possibilities.
  • It is easy to handle and there are pre-established codes to start with the world of developing this type of format, it takes years of practice but CSS It has an initial base where you can create your first animations and feel like a professional web page designer. In addition, it is a system that is open to everyone who wants to start developing their first projects. In short, if what you are looking for is to go beyond a template or an automatic web page creator, with CSS you can start your adventure.

animation examples



Source: Webdesign

Dodecahedron is an animation created by the animator Wontem. The animation is based on being created entirely through CSS where the design of a rotating dodecahedron is shown on a dark background that reinforces its luminosity. Another detail to take into account are the effects that have been applied to the figure.

What most characterizes this animation is that it has a certain tendency to be a three-dimensional design, which is even more interesting. It is undoubtedly an excellent animation if what you like is the 3D world and playing with the volume of objects.

animated goblin

animated goblin

Source: Web Design

This animation is titled animated goblin and has been created by the designer Avaz Bokiev, without a doubt it is a small sequence where one of the star protagonists of the video game era, Mario Bros.

It is an animation style known as stop-motion as it plays with directional movement through short sequences. Without a doubt, it is a star animation that gets all the recognition if you are a lover of Mario Bros. It is one of the best animations created in CSS.



Source: Web Design

This excellent animation features an animated photographic camera. It is an animation created by Damiem Pereira and allows the camera to simulate capturing an image just by pressing the button. It is an interesting animation if you like the world of photography and you need a section on your web page as animated as this one.

The interesting thing about this animation is that you can put the image you want and the camera will show it when you press the button. It is without a doubt one of the most creative animations designed in CSS.

waterfall solar system

solar system

Source: Web Design

This animation about the solar system has been created by Tady Walsh, where it shows a small model or simulation of our solar system. It is an excellent animation since you can see how each of the planets move at different speeds. 

It is one of the most realistic and most amazing animations. You may find it interesting if you work in the world of astronomy or are a fan of the universe and its planets. It is definitive, it is an animation that takes the prize as one of the best and surprising.

star wars animation

star wars animation

Source: Web Design

If you like Star Wars you can't miss this animation created by Donovan Hutchinson. It is without a doubt an animation with special effects of the headline of the famous Star Wars saga. The surprising thing about this animation is how it has played with the movement of the different fonts.

It is undoubtedly one of the star animations since it has taken into account each and every one of the fictional elements that the saga offers: galaxies, LED lights, dark backgrounds and striking fonts.

In addition, the movement effects are also quite successful and draw a lot of attention from the viewer.

Applications to create animations

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a tool that is part of Adobe and is responsible for creating amazing animations and thus making endless animated and fun videos. What draws the attention of this tool and is undoubtedly a point in its favor is that it is available for mobile devices, tablets and computers. Also, if you are looking to create quality content for your website, it is the perfect tool, since it has thousands of decorative templates to turn your space into an attractive place to visit.

Animation desk

It is one of the star applications if you are an illustrator and you still don't know how to give life to your drawings, thanks to this tool, you will be able to give a twist to your artistic projects and also, you will be able to make each and every one of your drawings right there. Well, it has a complete package of brushes, pencils of different tips, a fairly wide range of colors and you also have the option of making your first preliminary sketches, it is without a doubt what you needed to start with the world of animation through your own works. Try it and do not stay with the desire.

Synfig studio

Synfig is one of the best programs to create 2D animations. It is one of the key tools if you like the world of animation in the purest Disney style. With Synfig, you also have a wide range of brushes, filters and even effects that you can apply to your drawings.

Also, if you're a fan of 2D, you can't miss out on the opportunity to try this type of program, as it offers the possibility of giving movement and life to your illustrations. If you have worked with vectors before, then this program will not be different or complicated for you.

Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is another of the key tools in the Adobe package. It is one of the most used programs by professional video editors and by many animation studios. With Premiere you can create your first animations and get carried away among the many effects it contains.

In addition, if you are a beginner in the audiovisual sector, it has some small tutorials to introduce you to its interface and let you be carried away by your imagination and your most creative side.

It is available for both Android and iOS. The only drawback is that it is not a free application, it requires a small cost.


Creating animations in CSS is very simple, all you have to do is learn and be inspired by those who have been in this sector for years. As you have seen, there are many animations that exist, in addition there are other designers that use much more functional resources, such as the design of the famous Windows garbage in the form of a plane where it moves all over the desktop and eliminates what is not you want.

In short, there are many ideas and geniuses that have been designed, but now it's your turn to start programming and developing your first animations with CSS.

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