29 great design timelines in CSS and with a bit of Javascript

Scroll timeline

The timelines or timelines are another of the extra elements that we can integrate into a website to show progress or evolution in years of a company or company. A well-visual graphic expression that knowing how to elegantly compose it with typography and visual elements, can show the steps taken by a service or product over time.

These 29 timelines that you will find below are from vertical timelines as would be the horizontals. You will find the best one that suits your needs to locate it on a page of the website that you are developing for a client or for yourself. We are going with a collection of very interesting timelines that are very visually pleasing.

Timeline by scrolling

Scroll timeline

A timeline that is in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code to gracefully position itself as a good minimalist which puts the accent on red for the list of years on the left side, and on black for the font and the H2s. The best thing about this timeline is that as you scroll through the page, the year change will automatically be made. Great finish, design and result.

Timeline in CSS

CSS timeline properties

This timeline uses CSS code to even be able to be properly configured in some of its properties. It does not have scrolling like the previous one, but it is characterized by a series of boxes and a blue color to give it another very elegant touch and add to the list of timelines of this publication.

Responsive timeline slider

Responsive timeline slider

This timeline is made with the Swiper JS library to include HTML, CSS and JavaScript code. It does not have scrolling as we progress through the web page, but it does places the years on the right side and a button with which we can go to the next, apart from being able to use the mouse pointer to go to a specific year. Great animation in each of the transitions.

Advanced timeline

Advanced timeline

This timeline stands out for using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, apart from go into the monocolor, precisely in the red tones. It is also characterized by the use of a button that allows you to advance or go back in the timeline marked by this great result code to be quite minimalist.

Timeline with fixed header and Flexbox

timeline fixed

HTML and CSS code for a fixed header that It will remain fixed at the moment we do scrolling in the page. Of great subtlety to be a timeline of great interest for any current developer who wants to be highlighted by current web design standards.

Project timeline

Project timeline

This timeline uses CSS and HTML to present an important timeline to use for that specific period of time for a project. As we scrolling it goes through the days of the week, so it is perfect to implement it for collaborative tools made by the company itself.



A timeline in HTML, CSS and JavaScript that stands out from the rest for the visual theme. And it is that as we go scrolling through the vertical timeline, each time we find a new photograph in the timeline, it will become the background image of the web page where we have placed this code.



Hyperloopu is a timeline that rather stands out for the design used and for being programmed nothing more than in HTML and CSS. It is characterized by the use of different sizes in the text font with a vertical line and a series of boxes that mark each important moment of the timeline.

Vertical timeline

Vertical timeline

An interval timeline that distances himself from the rest by his visual touch. It has a very current gradient background in the design and a series of boxes that mark each of those intervals. Programmed in CSS and HTML.

Timeline in Flexbox

timeline flexbox

One of the best finished timelines and that is based on cards to include all the information we need for that time interval. Also developed in HTML and CSS, it must be taken into account that all the cards must have the same height and width to calculate the space for larger screens.

Timeline in DIV


A minimalist timeline in design and that has been developed only in HTML and CSS, so its implementation can be very fast. It is perfectly suitable for expressing a timeline in an information medium due to its monochrome finish.

Timeline in CSS and HTML

CSS timeline

You can place 400 × 300 size images in this timeline distinguished by the green color of the lines and the text of the dates and days. It has no animations and is rather characterized by its simple design at all levels.

Comments and feedback timeline

Timeline comments

A timeline very different from the others for allowing put cards with users' photos, or at least that's the intention at first. With great visual style, the cards use shading for a rather flat timeline without animations.

Timeline morning in HTML and CSS

Responsive timeline

A perfect timeline for responsive that it is characterized by being HTML, CSS and offer a fairly simple but very mobile timeline.

Timeline UI


This code in HTML and CSS works perfectly for present the working day of a workout. It is responsive with a header image and a series of buttons that show it in a very clear and clean way in the visual aspect.

Timeline in CSS only


This timeline is characterized by being in CSS and by a well-chosen color series: red and green. Green to cover the entire page completely, white for text and dividing lines, and red to distinguish the time interval in which we are. We can click on each interval to place it with a box that surrounds it and highlights it.

Responsive timeline V3

Responsive Timeline V3

The first of the horizontal timelines in the list in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Visually stands out for the use of black and gray colors to place a horizontal line with a series of points. Each interval is highlighted with greater weight in the source and in the text content.

Timeline nestled in color


One of the horizontal timelines highest visual quality on the list. A well interactive timeline with very subtle and well presented animations to offer a great user experience each time one of the time intervals is pressed. It is made with HTML CSS / Sass and JavaScript / TypeScript (jquery.js).

Responsive history timeline

Responsive story

A perfect timeline for show the different events in images of a time slot in history. It is horizontal and responsive to have been developed in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Group timeline

Timeline group

This timeline stands out for a good transition carried out with a horizontal animation. Of great color and an exquisite design to highlight each of the time intervals. It is in HTML, CSS and JavaScript to present a series of cards superimposed on a representative background image.

Horizontal CSS and HTML timeline

horizontal envato

Made by him known Envato Tuts +, we are presented with a horizontal timeline with a series of clean and basic cards in design. Flat colors and a horizontal line with a series of red dots that interlock each interval.

Timeline CSS, HTML and slick.js 

Pastel timeline

Pastel tones in the design for a timeline that stands out for the presentation of each of the images showing each time interval. It is the transition between each of the images and intervals that makes this timeline stand out.

Timeline sequence V1

Timeline sequence

A timeline that stands out for buttons on each vertical line of each interval to link a full screen background image each time we press on one.

Horizontal timeline HTML CSS

HR Timeline

You won't be able to click anywhere on this timeline that is highlighted by a exquisite design by the wise choice of color palette and a series of sandwiches for each of the timelines. There are no animations, but visually it is very pleasing to the eye.

Codyhouse Timeline

Timeline CodyHouse

This timeline presented by Codyhouse is single color in design and is developed in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It presents a minimalist line with a series of points as intervals to be clicked and cause the horizontal animation of less than half a second. Simple, but powerful.

Horizontal timeline

Horizontal timeline

Another timeline made in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Characterized by the single color, it contains an elegant design with a green color to put the lace on each of the points that represent the time intervals. Every time we press one, a very smooth side animation starts.

Unnamed timeline

Unnamed timeline

The only black timeline listed at the bottom. Then he uses different colors to differentiate each year and the text at the same time as its limits. It has an outstanding animation to pass between each of the texts.



This timeline puts the accent on the color green to be totally static.

Another horizontal timeline

Another timeline

It can place an image near full screen for a timeline that stands out for the use of blue and gray tones plus a series of circles that represent each year.

Do not miss another series of menus in CSS and HTML.

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