Where to get decorative sheets to print: list of sites

Decorative sheets to print

Are you one of those who writes letters by hand and do you like to do it on decorative sheets to print? Would you like to have a selection of these so you can choose whenever you want? Or maybe you use them for your designs?

Be that as it may, we have taken a look on Google to see which pages offer decorative printable sheets, whether free or paid, and this is what we have found. All notes from all of them.


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We start with a social network that has become one of the largest centers of inspiration for practically all topics.

In terms of decorative sheets to print, there are many to choose from, and since the results it gives you are worldwide, you have a choice. Of course, the normal thing is that you can save the photos in jpg and then print them, but they have a limited size, and perhaps if you enlarge them they may become pixelated.

You must keep this in mind.


In this paid image bank you will be able to find a large selection of decorative sheets to print. Of course, as we have told you, it is paid. But it allows you to opt for 10 free images without paying anything.

Then you have to pay 29 euros per month. So if you have never registered you could get 10 free images of decorative leaves.

paper things

In this case we want to recommend an article from the page Cosas de papel https://cosasdepapel.com/hojas-decoradas-para-ecripta-e-imprim/, where they have compiled a small selection of sheets so you can save them and print directly. They are sheets to write with backgrounds related to nature (flowers, leaves, etc.).

They are similar to the writing paper that is usually used for writing letters (penpalling).


Free decorated papers


Another blog where we have found a few decorative sheets to print, although in smaller quantities and above all variety, is this other one. In one of the articles https://nuskyna.blogspot.com/2016/07/hojas-decoradas-para-imprimer-gratis.html shows us a selection of some of those leaves.

They are more basic than the previous ones, but they can still help you.


In this case, although we have done the search focusing on decorative sheets to print, The truth is that this website allows us to obtain different images related to nature to create your own decorated leaf.

You just have to decide what images you will have and use Word to put it all together and now you have that decorative paper to print.


This is one of the websites that we loved because It has many decorative sheets to print on different themes. They have, for example, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Harry Potter, Christmas, autumn...

In short, whenever you are looking for one specific to a time of year, you will be able to find it here.

It's not that it has unlimited roles, but it does have variety. Yes indeed, All of them carry web advertising on the edge. In addition, they are only decorative papers, they do not have lines to write on, although you can do that with Word or similar to put them in the background, make them a little more transparent and so that the lines to write can be seen.

Images and drawings to print

On this website you will only have a decorated leaf design. But it is better than nothing. The design has a border with purple butterflies and some extra decorations such as a flower.

Of course, it has advertising from the website from which it is downloaded.


In Freepik it is not that you are going to find decorative sheets to print, but also rather elements that you could use to create your own.

It has several designs that can be used to print decorated paper, but as sheets of writing paper, unless it is folio and without lines, they do not have them. Of course it wouldn't be a problem to do it either.

Yes, remember that Freepik is free for personal use and only some images; If you are going to use it commercially then you have to buy a subscription.




Finally, we leave you another one-page article https://www.kabytes.com/diseno/hojas-a4-decoradas-para-imprim/ where you can find decorated A4 sheets to print.

It has quite a variety and ranges from the simplest and most basic to some more complex designs. Of course, all the pages are blank, that is, they do not come out squared or lined.

How to create your own decorative printable sheets

If after reviewing these pages you have realized that you can't find what you are looking for, why not create it? Actually, Making decorated sheets to print is not difficult. All you need is a text editor (Word, LibreOffice Writer or similar), the images or image you want and a little time to shape it.

Do you want to know the steps you should take? Take note:

The first thing will be to have the images you want to use on hand. For example, the image of a rose. We recommend that you choose it simple, with a transparent background if possible.

Now, open Word with a blank sheet of paper. Insert the image and put it wherever you want: in the center, on the side... Wherever you think of. Yes indeed, Make sure the image is in the background, and that everything you write or everything you put on top of it looks good.

In some cases you will have to make the image a little transparent (especially if it has strong colors).

If you want the sheet to have lines to write on, we recommend inserting a table. Make only the lines you want visible, and cover exactly what you want (so there's more to write on or less). Keep in mind that the lines have to have enough space so that you can write without feeling too limited in doing so. Therefore, once you have the table, edit the space between lines to give it something more.

And that would be it, you would have your decorative sheet to print.

The good thing about this is that you don't have to advertise to anyone and you could even create your own to share with others.

As you see, There are many places to find decorative sheets to print. Everything will depend on the type of sheets you are looking for in order to focus more on one type of website or another. Do you have any suggestions that you want to leave us in comments?

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