Discover the viral Halloween filter for tik tok that uses AI

The viral halloween tik tok filter

Halloween It is one of the most popular and fun parties of the year, especially for horror and costume lovers. However, this year, due to the pandemic, it may not be possible to celebrate it as it deserves. For this reason, many people have chosen to look for digital alternatives to enjoy this special night. One of these alternatives it's halloween tik tok viral filter that uses artificial intelligence successful on TikTok, one of the most famous and used social networks of the moment.

This filter is capable of transforming any photo into a terrifying video with music, using artificial intelligence. The result is so realistic and surprising that it has caused a sensation among users. In this article we explain how to use TikTok's viral Halloween filter, what effects it has on photos and what consequences it can have for the perception of reality. We also tell you why this filter is an example of the application of artificial intelligence to content generation.

What is the viral TikTok Halloween filter?

A woman using the halloween filter

TikTok's viral Halloween filter is a tool that allows you to create videos from photos, using artificial intelligence. The filter is called Halloween AI Filter and is part of the application CapCut, an independent app from TikTok that is used to edit and create videos.

The operation of the filter is very simple: you just have to choose a photo, preferably of the face, and the filter is responsible for applying a series of effects to turn it into a terrifying image. These effects include changes to the color, lighting, texture, and expression of the photo. Besides, the filter adds horror music to the video to create a more chilling atmosphere.

The result is a short video that shows the transition between the original photo and the transformed photo. The video can be downloaded in mp4 format and shared on any social network or messaging application. The filter has been a success on TikTok, where thousands of users have used it to create their own Halloween videos.

How to use the viral TikTok Halloween filter?

Before and after a photo after the filter

To use TikTok's viral Halloween filter you have to follow some very simple steps. The first thing to do is download the CapCut application on the mobile phone. It can be found at Google Play for Android and in the App Store for iOS. Once installed, you can log in with your TikTok account to link them.

Then you have to go to TikTok and search for the hashtag #TikTokHalloween, where you can see the videos that other users have created with the filter. When watching one of these videos, a button appears that says Try this template. Pressing it opens the CapCut application with the filter template.

Next, you have to choose the photo you want to transform with the filter. You can access the mobile gallery or take a new photo with the camera. The ideal is to choose a photo of the face, since the filter works best with these types of images.

Once the photo is chosen, you have to wait a few seconds for the filter to do its job. Then, a preview of the video is displayed with the transition between the original photo and the transformed photo. You can choose between two options: one softer and one more intense.

Finally, you can export the video to your mobile or share it directly on the social networks or applications you want. You can choose between different resolutions and qualities for the video. The filter only allows a few free attempts, since CapCut is a premium app that requires a subscription for unlimited use.

What effects does TikTok's viral Halloween filter have?

Woman under halloween filter

The viral filter TikTok Halloween has some impressive effects on photos. It is capable of completely changing the appearance and expression of the face, creating images that look like something out of a horror movie or video game.

Some of the effects that the filter applies are the following:

  • Change eye color, making them darker, redder or brighter.
  • Modifies skin color, giving it a paler, grayish or greenish tone.
  • Edit the shape of the mouth, making it bigger, crooked or bloody.
  • Change the shape of the nose, making it more pointed, broken or missing.
  • Transform the shape of the eyebrows, making them more populated, arched or absent.
  • Change the shape of the hair, making it longer, shorter or tousled.
  • Add scars, wounds, wrinkles or spots on the face.
  • Add supernatural elements, such as horns, fangs, claws or wings.

These effects vary depending on the photo chosen and the option selected. Some are more subtle and others more exaggerated. In any case, the result It is very realistic and surprising, since the filter uses artificial intelligence to adapt to the characteristics of each photo.

The filter can also have a positive effect on people's creativity and expression. By using the filter, you can experiment with different ways to transform the face and create horror characters or stories. This can stimulate imagination and fun, as well as generate reactions and comments among friends or followers.

Your photos now, chilling

Girl testing halloween filter

TikTok's Viral Halloween Filter It is a tool that uses artificial intelligence toTo transform any photo into a terrifying video with music. It is part of the CapCut application, uAn independent app from TikTok that is used to edit and create videos.

To use the filter you have to follow a few very simple steps: choose a photo of the face, wait for the filter to apply the effects and export or share the video. The filter has impressive effects on photos, completely changing the appearance and expression of the face.

The filter is a fun and original way to celebrate Halloween with photos. However, it can also have some negative consequences for people's perception of reality and self-esteem. Therefore, it is important to use it in moderation and with a sense of humor, without forgetting that it is an entertainment tool and not a faithful representation of reality. Now, let's have a scary time!

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