Easy drawings with Posca: everything you need to know to use them

Easy drawings with Posca

Do you know POSCA markers? Do you know which ones they are? These are markers widely used by creatives due to the quality of the paintings. But what easy Posca drawings can you make?

Below we are going to talk to you about this type of markers and easy drawings that we can recommend to you to get the best out of these tools. Shall we start?

What are POSCA markers?

materials for drawing

If you don't know POSCA markers, you should know that they are one of the most recommended options by creators and artists. Hence they are highly appreciated and sought after.

We must say that they are not cheap, but the truth is that they are very worth it for the results achieved with them.

The origin of POSCA markers has a lot to do with graffiti artists. In fact, they were the ones who made them fashionable for their designs in the 80s. However, it can be used for all surfaces (cardboard, paper, plastic, wood, glass, textile, stones...).

Shortly after graffiti artists had it as one of the best tools for their designs, many studio artists tried using it in their designs with very good results.

Contrary to what the title of this article may give you to understand, the truth is that POSCAS are markers that anyone can use, from those who are just starting out with drawing, to those who are already professionals.

How to use POSCA markers

person drawing

When using POSCA markers you should know that, first of all, you must shake it quite vigorously since they need the paint to mix well. Otherwise, you could find yourself painting in different shades.

Additionally, when you start using it you may have to press the tip several times as it is a safety mechanism to activate the ink flow. We recommend that you have a piece of paper or cardboard next to you to clean the tip and to avoid staining the drawings with easy POSCA (or very detailed illustrations) and that you don't have to repeat them.

What are the markers like?

In the shops, You will find POSCA markers as UNi Posca. That's what they are called and they are characterized by being made of water-based paint. They have an opaque ink rich in pigments, as well as very resistant to the passage of time. Thanks to this, they can create different effects because they are watercolorable. But you will also be able to mix them between the markers, or even create layers.

As for the tips, you have them available from 0,7mm to 15mm, but you also have some special ones with the brush tip.

Easy drawings with POSCA

Now that you have a better idea of ​​POSCA markers, it's time to focus on the type of drawings you could make with them. AND, In this sense, if we focus on the easy ones it is because you may have started with these markers.

Thus, the characteristics that these drawings must have are the following:

Very simple designs, with lines and large spaces to color

This way you will make it easier to experiment with the markers to make different mixtures or simply to color with the types of tips they have.

The objective here is not so much to color, but to find which one you are most comfortable with or which one is the most suitable for giving details, highlighting...

clear drawings

In the sense that the illustration is not too busy. For example, Drawings with POSCA would be easy: a cat, a tree, a house... But the moment you add more elements, which can also cause the size of each object that is represented to change or become smaller, it will make it difficult for you to color or silhouette it in a simple way.

Therefore, if you are starting out, it is better to choose drawings that are more child-like until you adapt to the tool. Once you do this, you will be able to advance in the drawings until finally these markers become an annex to your hand.

simple strokes

Nothing intricate or with tiny details that make it difficult to color them. They are based on simple strokes and we could almost say linear or curved, but not using other types of designs that would be more focused on better prepared drawings.

They wouldn't have many details either. For example, cartoon characters, basic animals, etc.

Where to find easy drawings for POSCA markers


Finally, we would like to recommend some websites where you can find easy drawings to practice with these markers. Most of them are children, because they are the ones that have a single element that helps you learn to color and create different styles (and that is noticeable without the space being too small).

Among these websites are:


Specifically, the results from Google Images. They are the greatest source of drawings that we can give you because in that section you will have drawings from multiple websites that you can copy and then print to practice with POSCA markers.

We recommend that you first practice with inking, that is, following the silhouette of the drawings to see how the marker responds and the different tips it has.

Afterwards, you can move on to coloring, even creating layers or mixing colors together to obtain an original final result.


Another option you have to find easy drawings for POSCA is Pinterest. Remember that this social network is global, so when you put those words in your search engine, The most normal thing is that thousands of results appear.

Of course, remember that, to see them all, you need to be registered on the platform (otherwise it only lets you see a few and also doesn't let you download them).

drawing corner

Lastly, we recommend the website Corner Drawings where we have been able to see that it has many different designs of easy drawings that you can download ready to print.

The good thing is that if you browse the web you can find other drawings with more detail and therefore more complex for when you advance in your skill with these markers.

Do you dare to work on easy drawings with POSCA to perfectly master these markers? Do you have any recommendations for those who are starting with them?

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