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Both for work and for your university or school life, you will have been asked a thousand times to make a presentation. In addition to the content that you present to project your work, the visual image is also important. Depending on the type of job you have or the limitations of your educational project, you will have to adapt it more to some canons or others.. For this reason we are going to show you the best backgrounds for your presentations here.

It is true that if it is a career or a design job, it should fly your creativity to do it.. In addition, it would not be logical to make the same presentation background for each slide. But in most occasions and professions, they always ask that they have the same symmetry. That focuses on an easy and legible design with the naked eye with some points that should not be missing.

If you have done a final degree project, you may have seen that they also ask for certain rules. For the most part, in fact, creativity flies by its absence. That is why we are going to show you a collection of funds for your presentations that are simple but visual. In this way you save time in carrying out the work and its content which is the most important thing when you don't have much time.

What are the presentations?


For the user who does not know what a presentation is about, we will briefly explain what it is about. These presentations are an essential part of a business trying to market and sell products or services. since with her, customers will avoid having to read a standard document with many letters that can be boring or too technical for someone inexperienced.

In presentations it matters a lot that the text is minimal, very focused on the key points of what is sold and with someone questioning each of the slides. This person tries to go through each one little by little, explaining what positive parts her project has. Thus, it is another way of selling within the body of a company. Although these presentations are usually made internally or for other businessmen who are going to sell that service in their business globally.

For these presentations, different programs are used that will be useful to be able to mount it comfortably. And it is that to design there are not only Affinity or Photoshop programs, you can also develop large projects through these presentations in PowerPoint, Google Slides or Apple Keynote.

Presentation backgrounds for luxury project

Find the best presentation backgrounds

The presentations have to reflect what you want to sell. It is not real that you make a presentation with decorative elements that are different from the product or service that you are going to sell. Since a presentation should have enough for those who are going to see that presentation can immerse themselves in what you explain. As an example, we can put a luxury watch. The best presentation background will not be pastel colors or too many decorative elements.

In order to present a luxury watch with diamonds or gold, we must have finer lines. As it can be a matte black and small golden lines or a little gloss as a decorative element. As the example that we have put in this section. You can get this presentation background here.

Project for a country identity

An also very good example is when we try to make presentations to project the best qualities of a country. Or even if your company is dedicated to selling products of a certain origin. As it can be, the worldwide fame of Andalusian oil. Surely you use an olive green and elements that are related to the countryside, agriculture and an environment of very natural and close wood tones.

This type of decorative elements make you feel the product or service closer at a glance. In this example that you see in the image, it is about the image of a country like Lithuania, where it can be interesting to know how to project the good of the country.

Sell ​​organic products

find the best presentation backgrounds

With the information related to climate change, processed foods and pollution in big cities, movements such as the ecologist are born. If in your project you need funds to present something related to this market niche, it is good for you to have a fund like this. Cheerful, with natural colors and rounded shapes. A casual typeface with uneven lines can also serve. Like the example that we have put above and that we leave you the link.

Where do you find the best backgrounds for presentations?

These are some examples of backgrounds for presentations that can inspire you to do it in your project. But there are thousands of types that you can use adapted to your needs, which is why We are not just going to show you some examples to understand well what format you should use at any given time. We are going to put some pages where you can download these backgrounds for presentations and that you can download.

You can also choose to make these presentations yourself. There are tutorials for the Google Slides, KeyNote or PowerPoint tools that can help you if you don't know how to do it. And in case you do know but can't think of anything, the following websites have thousands of projects. Which you can see and be inspired to collect ideas from one side to another and adapt them to your needs.

  • slidesgo. This page is one of the best known and you can download thousands of projects already done.
  • Slides carnival. This page has totally free backgrounds for PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations
  • Envato Elements. Here you can find millions of presentations but each of them is paid, although it includes support from the creator for several months and updates forever.
  • Pixabay. We have already talked about this, it is an image bank, but it has a section with funds that you can use for free to make your own presentations. Filter by the theme you want and you will find thousands of unique funds with which you can design your own project that will be unique.

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