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When you are going to create an online store, one of the first decisions you have to consider is the system in which you are going to set it up. Mainly that decision making is to choose between WordPress (and its WooCommerce) or Prestashop (although there are other options). But the next aspect is to choose between free templates for Prestashop or Woocommerce or paid ones.

If you have opted for Prestashop and you do not have a large budget to buy payment templates (which would be the best option) then we are going to leave you a list with the best themes for Prestashop. This way you will make your eCommerce a more attractive place. Shall we start?

What are templates or themes for Prestashop

If you don't have much idea of ​​what templates or themes for Prestashop are, you should understand them as "the suit of your eCommerce". In other words, it will be the design that your page will have, in this case your online store.

For this reason, when choosing a template, the paid ones are always recommended because with them you can control 100% all the appearance and functionality of a website. In the case of the free ones, some do give you freedom and others are limited to a series of functions.

However, we understand that sometimes the budget is not high, and that you cannot afford a paid one (although we already warned you that there are cheap ones) or you do not have the knowledge to develop it and amortize the price you pay.

Be that as it may, free templates for Prestashop are not a bad idea to start with, as long as you keep the following in mind.

The keys to choosing a free template for Prestashop

If you are going to choose a free theme for Prestashop, do not take the first one you see and like because you need it to meet a series of requirements that will help you improve, or at least not worsen, the SEO positioning of your online store.

In general, when downloading a free theme, keep this list in mind:

  • The version of the template. Especially since Prestashop is often updated and that causes some templates to stop working, or give errors. If you choose a backwards compatible version you risk this.
  • Responsive design. It is perhaps the most important of the free themes for Prestashop. It refers to adapting to different screens: tablets, mobiles, etc. so that your eCommerce looks good in all of them. If you don't have it, Google pulls you back because it bets on this type of design.
  • Designed for SEO. It refers to not generating junk code or codes that give errors or that make the web go slower than it should. If so, Google can penalize you, and getting out of a penalty is hard and long.

Basically, fulfilling those three main points, you would have a good template. But which ones are there that you can use for free?

The best free templates for Prestashop

As we do not want to make you wait any longer, here are some of the many free eCommerce templates that you will find on the Internet.

Leo Trump Fastfood

The best free templates for Prestashop

Don't let the name of this template fool you. Actually, it can be adapted for any type of web store, even if the preview makes you think only of restaurants or food stores.

What is most striking about this template is that it loads quite quickly, it is responsive and it has product sheets that can captivate your users.

You can also have a banner to announce news and the inclusion of social networks.

OT Jewelry

We are now going to present you another template, with an off-white background and a design in which the main banners prevail and then the products.

Again, although the template preview is focused on jewelry, you can transform it into many other things. It has many functionalities, it is responsive and free.

The only drawback that we have found is that, to download it, you have to register with Omegatheme. But beyond that, it is a free theme candidate for Prestashop to consider.

ap cake

ap cake

With pastel colors, especially pink, you have this template for Prestashop. The design seems focused on cakes, pies, pastries, etc. but it does not mean that you cannot use it, for example, for children's clothing (for girls) or for manual work for the little ones.

It is 100% responsive, has its own theme editor, carousel (it is the ability to change the main photos), multilanguage, etc.

AP Travel

Although the theme is focused on travel (travel agencies, for example), that does not mean that you can use it to sell travel accessories, bags, suitcases, etc. It has a classic background and in which the photos and products stand out. In addition, you can add social networks and a blog.

A.P. Office

In this case we are talking about one of the simplest and most serious free templates for Prestashop. Although it is focused on selling products related to the office (office supplies), the truth is that you can use it for everything, changing only the photos and the logo (for yours).

As for its features, it has a responsive design, SEO code, and fast loading.

Leo T-Shirt

This template is designed for clothing stores, and the truth is that you hardly have to change anything (the only thing is to customize).

It is responsive and is very similar to the one you will have by default in PrestaShop, but with more features and the possibility of customizing it.

You also have Clothes in this same style, which you can take a look at (it's more minimalist but that's why the photos stand out more).



Focused on the florist, but in general it is useful for a flower shop, plants, etc. as well as, changing photos, for pets, cosmetics, vegan products, herbalists, etc.

We particularly liked this one because of the features it has, such as fast loading, intuitive menu (in case you don't have much idea about websites), multilanguage, search engine...


Payo free Prestashop templates

Payo is one of the most versatile themes for Prestashop. Don't be fooled by its preview because while it looks like it's just for food, if you look at the categories, they look more like a clothing store. And it is that you can customize it to give it the use you want because it will adapt to what you need.

What stands out? Apart from being responsive, it has a theme editor, multilanguage, vertical menu and the possibility, if you like, of getting (yes, paid) with the pro mode of the template.

If none of them convinces you, doing an Internet search can help you find new ones. Of course, always try to search with the version of your Prestashop to avoid problems when installing it. Do you recommend us more free templates for Prestashop?

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