Free website templates

free web templates

When you start a web page, it is normal for you to choose a system for it, be it WordPress (before it was used for blogs, but now many pages are built on this basis, as well as for online stores), PrestaShop ... making a web with HTML is possible, in fact, you can find free web templates on the Internet that help you design your own page without depending on a CMS, that is, a content management system.

But How is a web html? And one with CMS? And the free web templates? Is it worth creating a website like this? All of that, and some examples of good free templates, is what we want to talk to you about next.

What is an HTML website

What is an HTML website

Before knowing what an HTML web page is, you need to know what the concept of a web page is. This can be defined as a document in which "marks" are established. That is, elements that involve a code that serves to display certain elements in a certain way. And the fact is that browsers have the ability to recognize these marks and interpret them, making the user see the final result, but whoever created them, in addition to showing that result, knows that all this is based on a document that he himself has created.

At present, at that programming language used to create web pages is called HTML, and is that the document uses a web template in HTML to be able to work on it, modifying, editing, eliminating ... to personalize the web to suit the user. In addition, it allows the inclusion of other systems, such as Flash (now in decline), videos, audios, etc.

Over time, the HTML has undergone modifications. The most current, especially when looking for templates, is HTML5, but also, and to compete with content managers, you have CSS3, design programming that makes your website more elegant, professional and above all functional.

The difference between web HTML and web CMS

Indeed, an HTML website and a CMS website are not very different from each other; and at the same time they are.

The HTML web starts from scratch, it is created with hardly any programming knowledge, it is only necessary to have certain knowledge. Also, it helps that there are plenty of free web templates that solve the problem for you.

For its part, the web CMS itself is part of a program that is responsible for giving a base to the page, and from which it is customized through templates (whether you create it, in this case using HTML) or by choosing for some (free or paid).

What is better, an HTML website or a CMS website

What is an HTML website

At the beginning, when the first web pages began to be created, almost all of them were made through HTML. The ease of being able to do them in Word documents (saving them later as an HTML file), having a code that did not need to be learned (due to the above) and being very fast to create, made the pages expand and almost everyone managed to have your own.

However, the design in an HTML web is not the same as in a CMS. If we add to that that they are increasingly focused on the “demands” of a user, and that they allow us to do much more than just a simple website, the choice is unequivocal.

If what you want is a simple website, that does not require much, or have many pages, you can opt for HTML to control all aspects of your website. On the other hand, if you need a more professional one with a more elaborate design, opt for CMS websites (WordPress, Blogger, Magento, PrestaShop…).

Free website templates

Free website templates

Focusing on free web templates now, it's time we gave you some examples if you want to build a simple and fast website. It is quite easy, but with the help of these templates it will be even faster, since once you have the base, customizing it will only be a matter of an afternoon.

Do you want to know what free web templates we recommend? These are:


Free website templates

This free web template is HTML5 and can be used for different themes. It is ideal for a small business and the best of all is that it is adaptable to mobiles, tablets, etc.

It has a free version, but also a paid version that has several Predesigned demos, header styles, blogs, portfolio, online store ...


Free website templates

If you are looking for free image-focused web templates, this may be a good choice. It is a design that combines both HTML5 and CSS3, responsive (that is, it adapts to mobiles and tablets) and with customizable elements so that you can put it as you would like.

Restaurant Cafe

Free website templates

This template is mainly focused on cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs, etc. Its design is made to offer a user experience based on presentations, images and capturing through photos.

Free Website Templates: Hotel

Free website templates

Do you want free website templates for hotels? Well yes, there is also. Specifically, this one that we show you is assembled with the combination of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. It is responsive and has some advantages over other templates, such as having online reservations enabled, contact form, room visits ...


Free website templates

Focused on musicians, on music websites, festivals, etc. You can opt for free web templates that have a very related style, like this one. Is ideal to present a music group, a festival ... but you can use some extras such as Google Maps (to determine where the event is held), insertion of images and videos, blog ... Responsive and with SEO optimization.

Free Website Templates: Rank

Free website templates

If you are not sure what you are going to do on the Internet, or you have several projects and you want all of them to carry the same free web templates, this may be your solution. It is a template with HTML5 and Bootstrap4 that will allow you to create the website that you want. Fully customizable, it has different functionalities such as portfolio, blog, Google Maps, carousels, menus, animations, etc.

Free Website Templates: Wish

Free website templates

Si vas a set up an online store, Why not try this template? It is an eCommerce that you can quickly set up. Now, it is focused mainly on women's fashion, but it can be adapted with some knowledge to the sale of other products.

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