How to Create a Disney Movie Poster with AI

How to Create a Disney Movie Poster with AI

That artificial intelligence is here to stay is no longer questioned by anyone. But since Dall-E came out in its third version, one of its characteristics that has made it go viral is its ability to recreate Disney and Pixar characters, creating covers as if they were films from these brands. Now, how to create a Disney movie poster with AI?

If you loved the examples you have seen and now you want to be the one to create them, below we give you all the steps you must take to do so. Shall we start?

How to Create a Disney Movie Poster with AI

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Creating a Disney movie poster with AI is pretty easy. At least in theory, because in practice it is very likely that you will have more difficulties doing it. And we are going to teach it to you in a practical way.

Next we start with the steps.

Step 1: enter the page that offers you this feature

And, as we told you before, that is Dall-E 3. As you know, Dall-E is with Bing, so If we go to Bing chat we can opt for the tool and ask it for whatever we want.

Specifically, we leave you two links:

The first takes you to Bing chat where you can ask it to draw you whatever you want (not just a Disney movie poster with AI).

The second, takes you directly to the tool so you can focus directly on the tool.

Of course, we must give you two clarifications. The first is that you need to be registered in Microsoft Bing and to do so it must be with a Hotmail email, for example.

And the second is that you will not be able to create all the ones you want. You actually have some credits to create images. After those you may have to pay to continue creating.

Step 2: Write what you want

Once you are with the tool, the next thing you want is to write what you want. AND It is recommended that if you want to create a Disney movie poster with AI, you start by saying the following: "Pixar style poster, with 3D animated characters and many colors and details."

This will make the artificial intelligence focus. But, in addition, we must add what we want to come out.

For example: Pixar style poster, with 3D animated characters and many colors and details. In it there is a woman and two men.

With that description, the results that Dall-E 3 offers us are very generic, and surely not exactly what you were looking for.

That's the problem in this step. You need to give him an exact idea of ​​what you want, with as many details as possible. Otherwise, You get results like these:

generic results for poster pixar

Step 3: write in maximum detail what you want

Don't let the above discourage you, because We already told you that AI can do it much better. But to do this, you need to ask him exactly what you want. Therefore, our recommendation is that you try to give as much detail as possible: what each character is wearing, what they do, what background you want...

For example: Pixar style poster, with 3D animation characters and many colors and details. A happy woman comes out, with brown hair, jeans and a wide red t-shirt. She is hugged by two men. The one on the left is serious, tall, thin, with long black hair and violet eyes, wearing jeans and a black t-shirt. The one on the right is similar to the other, with short, spiky, orange hair, his eyes too, with white pants and a t-shirt. Background divided between planet Earth and another.

And the results? Well, they are much closer to what we might want.. Of course, the more details you can give it, the closer it will be to what you may have imagined, which is why detail is important.

pixar style poster results

Of course, keep in mind that there is a character limitation which means that, even if you want to describe a lot, you won't be able to.

Also, be careful with possible "errors" that the images may have. For example, in these results we see that in a photo some somewhat strange hands appear (with six fingers and it is not known who they belong to).

Can the results be edited or worked on?

One of the questions that may arise, once you get the results and there is one that is quite close to what you had in mind, but not yet completely, is whether you could continue working from that result.

It's something that, with other artificial intelligences it can be achieved. But what about Dall-E? Well the truth is that no. Or at least we haven't found a way to do it. That means that, even if it is very close to what you want, you cannot ask it for changes to give you versions of the same image.

It is true that in the case of Bing chat it does show you options to change colors in characters and so on.

Can Disney designs also be made?

If you've noticed, the texts we've given you (called prompts) don't actually cite Disney, but rather Pixar. And there has been a confusion because In reality, the ones that have gone viral are the Pixar posters with AI, not exactly the Disney ones.

Now, that doesn't mean you can't order from Disney, actually you can, it's just that the design may change slightly.

All you have to do is change Pixar for Disney and that's it.. And give it the best possible description (always keeping in mind that it only allows about 480 characters with spaces; although in Bing chat it allows you 4000).

As you can see, creating a Disney movie poster with AI is not difficult, quite the opposite. Although it will take you time to find the right design, the one you would like the poster to have. But you can try little by little to get results closer to what you had thought. Have you tried it yet? How have the results been?

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