How to create a web design portfolio? | Best tricks

How to create a web design portfolio

Having a good online portfolio can be the difference between getting a job or not. This plays a role that we cannot do without to show our best qualities and capabilities. Today we will tell you everything about how to create a design portfolio on a website, that is attractive and helps you show your style in the most optimal way.

And although it may seem somewhat complicated, once you know the components and steps that you cannot ignore when making it, everything will be much simpler. Of course, keep in mind that creating a portfolio is an art, and should not be done in a hurry. Since this can open the doors to the fierce and competitive world of work, or close them, so each element will be incorporated strategically.

What is an online portfolio? How to create a portfolio

This is nothing more than a small compilation of some of your most notable works and data on your study and work history. Its fundamental objective is to provide your potential clients or employers, a clear vision of who you are and all the potential and capabilities you possess.

How to create a portfolio? How to create a portfolio

Creating an online portfolio that makes you look like a competent and capable person is really not that complicated. You simply have to keep in mind that the Data and information you provide must be meticulously chosen and arranged. We recommend that you be brief and concise, this way you will not lose the reader's attention.

Remember that the first step in creating a web design portfolio will be precisely, Select the platform on which you will create it. There is a fairly considerable variety of websites that can help you do this. We recommend that you use Wix, a website builder where you can create your own website for your web design portfolio.

What is Wix?

This is a popular platform that will allow users the Creating high-end web pages quickly and easily. Thanks to this tool, creating a website (which is a cumbersome, complex and also expensive process) becomes quite enjoyable. You can create your design portfolio on a web page, without needing to seek the help of a professional.

Its catalog of fully customizable templates, in addition to other various tools, will make you can adjust to your tastes and the services you offer. So that you can more clearly convey your objectives and expectations when creating a portfolio.

Do not worry about the complexity of working with this website, since from now on we tell you that is what simpler than it can be, taking into account the function it fulfills.

In your portfolio you must include several elements Graphic Design

Table of Contents

This component of your portfolio is of great importance. the same will provide faster access to jobs and employment data that you presented in the portfolio. Keep in mind that it should have a structure that is as simple and clear as possible, since the idea is that anyone can quickly consult the content from the index. This index It must be located in a visible place, for example, right at the top of your website, so that it is the first thing the visitor has access to when they enter the portfolio.


You could say that this is one of the most important elements of your portfolio. The most relevant information about you will be condensed there. It is essential that you add all your personal data and contact information.

You can add data such as:

  • Your name and last name.
  • El name of your university or study center.
  • career you took and university degree.
  • Email, phone number and your username on your social networks such as LinkedIn are essential.
  • Services you offer.

The design and appearance of the cover of your portfolio is key, as well as its entire design. From the beginning you must capture the most important information about yourself in a visually attractive way. The entire portfolio should follow the same design line, this will provide harmony, if you do not know how to create an appropriate design, you can simply use a predetermined template.

Share a biography

You should not be so comprehensive, since in our portfolio We don't want to include every single thing we've done in our entire life., but it is necessary to add your most outstanding works, your best qualities, career path or skills for the service you offer.

Attach quality images Attach quality images

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. Photographic services from a professional can be quite expensive, but this is an expense that is necessary if you want your portfolio to have a more professional appearance. Of course, these images must be uploaded with excellent resolution and organized.

Categories They will depend on the type of work or services you offer. This organization helps potential clients or employers quickly find what they are looking for and see what you are capable of doing.

Sample smartphone mockup web designs

Many people use their smartphones to work and contract services. There is a very wide possibility of your portfolio being consulted through a mobile or smartphone in the vast majority of cases. So it is logical to assume that it should look just as great viewed through a computer or a smartphone or tablet.

For this there is the mockup, which is basically a tool that will allow you to visualize the design of your web portfolio when we open it using the mobile. This tool helps you correct errors that may arise during the creation process before sharing your portfolio with others.

Know How to create a design portfolio on a website can sometimes be quite a challenge, even more so for someone who doesn't know about the subject. So we have decided to compile those elements that should not be missing if you want to attract the attention of your potential clients. Let us know in the comments what other elements you consider essential in a portfolio.

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