How to download and install free brushes for Procreate?

How to download and install free brushes for Procreate

One of the most complete applications for digital drawing is Procreate.. This app has very good features, including multiple tools with which to carry out your best projects. These include brushes that, although they have a very good offer, you can always buy more. That's why Today we show you how to download and install free brushes for Procreate.

To achieve all the textures you are looking for and thus achieve more realistic effects, which also come close to the style you want to express, you need to have the right brushes. Even if you have an advanced technique It will be very difficult to meet all your expectations if you do not have the resources. So you'll be happy to know that several sites have weighed in on Procreate artists, offering a wide range of brushes that they can easily download, best of all for free.

Some of the best sites to download free brushes for Procreate

Envato Elements How to download and install free brushes for Procreate

Through this tool you can find many high-quality brushes and palettes. The goal is to open inventive opportunities for all your projects. Despite the creativity you may have, every artist needs the medium to achieve their work. The brushes that you will find here will help you with this.

You will have access to hundreds of brushes to develop different styles. It is a very varied page, with a pleasant and intuitive interface. To install these brushes once downloaded, you just have to go to the Procreate application and follow the steps with which you normally add your brushes.

This site can be visited here.

ShoutBam How to download and install free brushes for Procreate

This is the perfect website for your Procreate brushes if you love grain art. Find a variety of sand brushes, and download them to add some sparkle to your crafts. There are also paid brushes available on this site, but you can find them at no cost.

When you access the page you will have hundreds of free brushes available. The textures they have are very common. For artists who love texture and know how to use it, this is the right place. You will notice how your work in Procreate becomes easier by having better tools.

Enjoy its features here.

Librium Librium

This website is the perfect place to share free rendering brushes. In addition to brushes you can find other image resources. Deploying all your creativity will be very easy, the moment you acquire the right tools you will be able to improve your technique as an artist.

If you prefer anime creations, you will definitely find Librium to be the best option for finding brushes. Additionally, the site also makes it easy to research various purchases made by artisans around the world. Therefore, you can take inspiration from other artists to find the right tool for you.

Download free brushes here.

Letters for iPad Lettering

This website is ideal for obtaining a wide variety of brushes, its collection is quite extensive. The best thing is that it is free and navigation within it is simple. Here it will be possible to obtain all the tools to achieve the best results in Procreate.

To download the brushes, you just need to add them to your cart, after which you will receive the link via email. You have the option to install multiple brushes, you just have to remove them. This page aims to help all Procreate users, with the brushes obtained here it will be very easy to unleash your creativity.

Use the free brushes here.

How to install Procreate brushes? Procreate

  1. The initial step will be open a new canvas and tap the paintbrush icon, This is done to open the Brushes panel.
  2. Once here, select the folder where you want to install the brush. You can create a new folder by clicking the + button in the upper left corner of the brush set list.
  3. Next select the + in the brush list, to import a new brush.
  4. Once you have created the folder, tap the import button in the upper right corner.
  5. Then the files window of your device will open.
  6. You only need click on the brush you want to import, and it will automatically be added to the folder you selected in your Procreate Brushes.
  7. If you have a Mac computer, you can extract the brush files and drag them to the AirDrop window.
  8. Your iPad must be active to get the brush. Dragging it to the name of your iPad will import the brush into Procreate.
  9. This is a great way to download and install free brushes for Procreate.

What other way can we use?

  1. Another way is just download the file where you have stored the brushes.
  2. When you locate it on your mobile device, all you need to do is double click.
  3. You may be wondering whether or not you should unzip this folder, the answer is no. All you have to do is a simple double tap, this will be enough.
  4. In general when doing this The folder will open in the Procreate app, giving way to your brushes.
  5. All these new brushes They will be available in your Brush Library, where you can start using them.

How can you customize Procreate brushes? Edit brushes

This is actually quite easy, all operations are done within the app. To access the modification options, simply double-tap the brush thumbnail in the Brushes panel. This will display a series of tabs that allow you to control the options. The last tab on the right controls the base of your brush.

Changing these settings allows you to control shapes and their repetition in strokes, and add new textures or grains from your Procreate library or your camera roll. The other brush options found in the other tabs, they allow you to change the way you draw shapes and textures along the lines.

When you're first experimenting with setting up your brushes, it may be helpful to create a duplicate of one of your existing Procreate brushes to test them out. To do this, just swipe left on the default brush selected and select Duplicate. Once you've duplicated one of the default brushes, you can try it out.

We hope that in this article You have learned how to download and install free brushes for Procreate. This application offers many benefits for artists, so expanding its tools is the best option. If we forgot to mention something important, let us know in the comments.

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