How to make money on Pinterest: all the ways to do it

How to make money on Pinterest

As a creative you are sure that you like to show all the illustrations and images that you make. One of the social networks that these professionals use the most is Pinterest.. However, you may not know how to make money on Pinterest.

Next, we want to talk to you about the different ways that exist and how you can give back with your own art without losing copyright or having to draw exactly what a client wants.

How to make money on Pinterest

how to make money on social media

Pinterest is a social network where you can share visual ideas, inspirations, images, and anything you can think of on a visual level with everyone.

These images that are uploaded are called pins. and users can browse the social network and find different pins based on their searches.

When it comes to earning money on Pinterest, there are several ways to do it and here we will talk about some well-known ones and others not so much.

Sell ​​physical products

Just like on Facebook or Instagram, you can also sell physical products on Pinterest. As a creative you could sell the illustrations that you are posting or even make custom images for clients.

For this We recommend you create thematic boards in which you can guide people about which are those pins that are for sale and those that are directly put simply so that they can see what your art is like.

sponsored pins

Another option you have to earn money on Pinterest is to use the posts you make of images to promote products or services of other people or other companies.

For example, imagine that in all your designs you often use a specific brand of colors. This company can contact you and offer you monetary compensation in exchange for advertising on one of your pins, for example using those colors and seeing the brand or talking and writing a review about those colors.

Affiliate Marketing

make money on social media being creative

Affiliate marketing is one of the trends that is still on the rise. It's all about promoting other people's or companies' products on your own boards and earning a commission for every sale made through your link.

There are many affiliate platforms that you can use. What we recommend is to carefully review the conditions they offer you to know which one best suits you. Of course, keep in mind that they are not going to pay you a large amount unless they have started to stand out and then they can enter into a private contract between them with which you can benefit much more.

Sell ​​courses online

Imagine that you are an expert in a specific technique that makes the drawings stand out much more. You can take advantage of that knowledge by taking an online course.

For this, you could use Pinterest to promote it and even to give one or two lessons and tempt your potential clients to buy that course and learn that technique that you master perfectly.

Sell ​​templates and resources

Another way to earn money on Pinterest is by selling templates and resources such as icons, images, or other types. The objective is to publicize the different templates and resources that you have beyond your own website and thus make people come to your page to get these.

In fact, we recommend that you initially have exclusivity. This means that the template or graphic resource that you offer through Pinterest can only be for one person, the fastest to buy. This can allow you to create urgency in clients and make them opt for your designs much earlier. If you also put a time limit in which they will be for sale, even if after a few years you take it out again a little touched up, you can achieve a greater benefit.

offer your services

social network

You know graphic designer, copywriter, photographer, illustrator or any other professional Pinterest can be a great place to promote your freelance services.

For this We recommend that you create a series of differentiated and well-designed boards with which you can show your portfolio and with it the skills and abilities you have so that they notice you and hire you.

Design pins for others

This is a way to earn money on Pinterest that not many know about. And yet I can make you a lot of money.

For this, what you have to do is design the boards of your own profile as best as possible, that are attractive and that can capture the attention of potentials and brands. We recommend that you use specific boards for this since what you are going to do is sell your pin design service on Pinterest.

In other words, you are going to become the designer of the images that other brands or companies are going to post, making them yourself.

It is true that you will not earn the same as other methods. But it can also be a suitable way to earn money, even if it is little.

Get traffic to your website

The last of the ways to earn money on Pinterest that we can offer you is to use the social network to receive traffic. It would be about hanging images made by you but with links to your web page in such a way that users, when they find you, they can come to your website and get to know you better. And even get them to buy from you if you have an online store or to ask for services.

It is true that we speak in a different and minority way, but if you make good designs and your Pinterest account is striking enough for users to notice you, surely that will have a positive impact on your own website.

As you can see, there are many ways to earn money on Pinterest.. In fact, many of them can be used at the same time and it is what we recommend to have more diversity and more ways to reach potential customers. Can you think of any other ideas to take advantage of Pinterest?

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