How to make a stylish and functional HTML button

create a stylish html button

There are times when, when designing websites, knowing how to make a HTML button it helps you a lot. Especially since you can create a design that is functional and stylish, that it is impossible not to squeeze it and that you get favorite results for your website.

Apart from the fact that the HTML system is no longer in fashion, the truth is that in programming you have to know about it to create links to HTML buttons that are perfect for websites, blogs and even for your brand page. But do you know how to make a functional and stylish HTML button? We tell you how to do it.

Steps to create an HTML button

Steps to create an HTML button

We want to help you on your website, blog ... and therefore one of the knowledge that you must have and that is also very easy to learn is the HTML code. This allows you to change a large number of things in the design of your page. One of the fundamental elements are the buttons, because these are linked with links to take the user to other places on your page or outside of them. But do you know how to do it?

The fundamental steps are the following:

Create the basic structure

All HTML button has the same structure. It consists of a code that will always be the same, but that changes with respect to what you want to put or link. A simple one would be:

My button

Now, this will only achieve that we have a link, without more, but it will not be seen with the design of a button (unless you have forms and one of them is to create buttons).

How to make it look like this? We will tell you.

Add button attributes

For an HTML button to be functional and eye-catching, it must be shaped like a button. Therefore, when creating it, you have to bear in mind that some elements are going to be customized. Thus, that first code, already customized, would look like this:

My button

Give it color, size ...

Finally, in that same code you can also apply a style line (style) to determine the size of the button, the font, the color of the button without passing the mouse and passing it, etc.

The BUTTON tag in HTML

html language

If what you want is to create more personalized buttons, then what you are looking for is to use this label, which, although it has many advantages, it also has disadvantages. But in general, it can serve you for a basic and original use.

The button tag, as usual in HTML code, has an opening and a closing. That is, its opening would be while the closing would be . Among them is where all the information for that button is entered. The advantage of this over the other that we have seen is that this button allows you not only to put a link, but much more, such as images, bold, line breaks ... in short, everything you need.

BUTTON tag attributes

What attributes could we put on the button? Well specifically:

  • Name: is the name that we can give to the button. In this way the buttons are identified, especially when you have several.
  • Type: classify the button you make. Actually, you can create many types of buttons, from a normal one to a button to reset a form, to send data, etc.
  • Value: related to the above, it is used to specify the value of that button.
  • Disabled: if you check it, you will make the button disabled, so it will not work.

How to create an online HTML button

How to create an online HTML button

If you do not want to break your head when creating an HTML button and you prefer to seek help through websites on the Internet that make the button for you, or at least that allow you to obtain the code to copy it on your blog, website or wherever you want, there are options. And there are several websites that will help you do this, either by obtaining a more basic button or a simpler one.

Among them we recommend:

King Button Maker

It is quite advanced, especially since it leaves you switch practically all the buttons on the button. In addition, it provides you with a preview so that you can see how it is looking and you can customize everything based on where you are going to insert the button.

At the end, when you click on the Grab the code button, you will see the HTML code and also the CSS. Remember to attach both because it will help you keep the design you have asked for.

da button factory

This is one of the best websites for creating HTML buttons, especially if your goal is a "call to action." To do this, you can customize button background, style, font, shading, size, and other parts of the button.

Then it lets you download the button as a PNG image, but you can also embed it on your website.

Call to Action button generator

Here it only gives you two options, either download it as PNG or with CSS. It has the advantage that you can customize the background color, the button text with its font and color, as well as the border, size and colors of other details.


This tool is one of the most complete that you can use. You can use it for free and you will get quality designs, as well as modern.

Button maker

This tool is also one of the ones that will most allow you to customize the buttons, especially the area around the edges, shadows, if the text is centered, justified, etc.


If you are looking to create buttons with several lines of text, this tool is one of the best. Not only does it have many ways to customize the button, but you can also make buttons larger or more stylish.

Hover effect graphic button generator

This tool allows you to create buttons that, when you hover over them, change. In addition, it allows you to have the HTML code to be able to use it, although you have to upload the final button of the result so that it is as you see in the previous one.

When it comes to making an HTML button, the best recommendation we can give you is that try several options Since, in this way, you will achieve the result you expect. Do not stay only with the first thing you show yourself, sometimes innovating or spending more time will help you to look much better. Have you ever made one of these buttons?

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