27 HTML and CSS sliders to give your website that special touch

cupcake slider

We continue with a round of CSS and HTML code that can be implemented on our website to give it that special touch with which to differentiate it from the rest. Thanks to the + c control plus the + v control we can have in our hand code that will make the web ready to be published in development after spending days or weeks in testing.

Now is the time for 27 sliders in HTML and CSS that will allow us to prepare that space in which we usually integrate a lot of content in a few pixels squared. These sliders range from on card, comparative, full screen, responsive and the simplest, but at the same time also very elegant. We are going with 27 sliders that will not leave anyone indifferent, especially the customer or user who passes through your website to read content, purchase a product or simply use a comparative slider to compare an image before and after.

Screens on cards

A very intuitive slider in HTML and CSS that deals with take a series of cards to your website that are passed from one to another with an animation with great style. It is precisely the animation and the background gradient that give this subtle touch to this HTML and CSS code that also stands out for a bit of JavaScript. Elegant is the word to portray this quality slider.

Information card slider

Informational slider

This info card slider is also code in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is rather about a series of cards that does not attract much attention for the animation, although its simplicity is its greatest value. Another slider to consider from this list.

Comparative image slider

Comparative slider

This slider is Of great usefulness And surely you have seen it on a multitude of websites where before and after photos are compared with a vertical bar that slides horizontally. It is a great help for comparisons, so we made it one of the essentials on this list of sliders.

Comparative slider without JavaScript

Comparative slider without JS

The great quality of this slider is that comes without JavaScript, so you will only have to implement the CSS and HTML code on your website to have another comparison. You will have to use the black box at the bottom of the image to slide it from one side to the other to see the comparison of images. Not as intuitive as the previous one, but very useful without JavaScript.

Three-layer comparative image slider

Three layer slider

Its name says it all, an image slider that allows you to compare up to three at a time. The example given is one to see the head in profile, another to show the muscles and another slider to see the bones. It uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript for its operation.

Vanilla JS Image Slider

Comparative slider

Another comparative image slider with a big button with which to slide the image from one side to the other. Minimalist, with little JavaScript and a great visual finish. One of the most striking to compare images.

Split screen diagonally

Diagonal comparative slider

This comparative image slider It is created by Envato Tuts and has the distinction that the slider is placed diagonally to cause other types of sensations when comparing two images. It uses JavaScript, CSS and HTML to be a high quality comparative slider.

Full screen slider

Transition slider

We got to the part of the full screen sliders to meet with Slider Transition characterized by a transition carried out by an animation of great effect. If you plan to show images in full screen and that you are passing very carefully, code in JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

Horizontal slider with parallax

Parallax slider

For fans of the parallax effect this slider with Swiper.js, HTML and CSS. Apart from being able to slide with the two buttons located on each side, on the right side we have in miniature all the images of the complete carousel. A different and high-quality visual slider that will not leave anyone who visits our website indifferent.

Smooth 3D perspective slider

3D perspective smooth slider

A responsive slider that follow the pointer movements mouse. It is capable of causing a great effect of perspective that can lead to mixed feelings in the visitor. If you know how to use it properly, you can give that original and subtle touch to our website. JavaScript, CSS and HTML code is not missing.

Hero full screen slider

Hero image slider

A full screen hero image slider in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Have a bounce effect in every animation that gives it its that and in general we are facing a quality full screen slider like the rest of the list.

VELO.JS slider with borders

Slider veil edges

One of the highlights as a full screen slider with a simply fantastic transition animation. We recommend that you go to see it in operation to start thinking about how to implement it on the web. Use Velocity effects To improve that animation that uses arrow buttons, a click in the navigation and even scrolling, Simply perfect.

Responsive CSS vertical slider with thumbnails

Responsive CSS slider

We move on to the sliders Responsive CSS for mobile great quality like this one. You will have a series of thumbnails on the right that when pressed will start an animation in vertical fall. Great effect that uses only CSS to leave a slider of the best of this list.

Image slider flexbox

Flexbox image slider

Other Responsive image slider made with JavaScript and that it is more than simple to be quite elegant. Short, simple and minimalist with nothing more than this. It has its place in this list of Flexbox sliders.

Motion Blur with SVG filters

slider motion blur

An experiment that simulates the effect of motion blur every time a slide is activated. It uses an SVG Gaussian blur filter and some CSS animation keys. The code used in JavaScript is purely for the given example and the functionality of the slider.

Animated slider

Animated slider

An animated slider responsive with JavaScript, HTML and CSS. We have arrows on the right side that allow us to go through the images that originate with a graceful and concise animation. A great effect is achieved in each of the slides to make itself stand out. Very current in animations.

Image slider with SVG patterns

Slider only CSS SVG

Another one of those experiments that tries to carry svg patterns to create some mask images for a CSS slider. It produces a very striking blur effect with a great finish. Another of those sliders to provoke good feelings in the visitor of our website.

Simple layer slider

Layered slider

A slider with one more than distinguished animation that offers that wave effect every time we click on the icon to slide a new image. Done in HTML, CSS and JavaScript it becomes another image slider.

Pure CSS slider

Pure CSS slider

Another of the simplest sliders and that is pure CSS. One of its advantages to put in the bottom left a series of dots that will serve as the buttons to reach each of the images that will pass before us without any special animation.

Cupcakes only CSS slider

Cupcake slider

El sweetest slider on the list and that it is only in CSS and HTML. It is one of the most special of the entire list to have on the right side the different variations of cupcakes. Click on one and a cupcake appears with a wonderful animation that ends in a great bounce effect. One of the best without a doubt.

Slider animation effect

Animation slider

One of the most elegant sliders in animation and what manages to amaze us at the first change. From the first moment the animation arises, its HTML, CSS and JavaScript code leaves us surprised. Another of the best in the minimalist touch it gives.

slider slice

slider slicer

Un transition slider that uses a simple add class and that is characterized by very smooth animations to become one of the favorites on this list. If you want to distinguish yourself in the mobile version of the web, it is one of the essentials. Great deal visually.

Parallax New York Slider

slider new york

One of the biggest advantages of this parallax slider in CSS is that it can be customized a lot. This means that you can change the font, its size, its color and the speed of the animation. The first letter of each city in a new JavaScript array string appears on a new slide. Another of the valuable sliders of this post.

slider popout

slider popout

The minimalist style this slider is presented in which each part of the image comes out with each slide. Very creative and different from what is seen in the list of sliders and that stands in its own place.

Slider with ripple effect

ripple slider

Un high-effect full-screen slider with flat colors to get all its juice. JavaScript, HTML and CSS for another slider with an eye-catching effect.

Slider with image preview

Previous slider

slider GSAP with a preview of the next slides that will be presented to the user. Perfect for modeling on a fashion or design website.

Sliders transitions

Slider transitions

We end the list with a high-quality slider with bombastic effect and a series of animations that get that special touch on our website. The parallax effect can be activated.

Do not miss this another CSS code list for buttons.

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