Images by Artificial Intelligence or real images, can you guess which is which?

El advancement of generative Artificial Intelligence to create images and texts has become common currency. Today the main web browsers as well as other computer tools use Artificial Intelligence for different actions. On the different websites, you can find fun and interesting challenges to try to determine which images are real, and which were created using AI.

La discussion about reality and how to sometimes differentiate between something created by man, or by a machine, takes on a new dimension today. In this gallery we present you a tour of different images, all very beautiful, but with diverse origins. Review the screenshots to see if you can guess which are real images, captured by the human eye, or which were created by an Artificial Intelligence on demand.

Artificial Intelligence, images created by your PC or by photographers

Nowadays, retouching in photographs is commonplace. But images created directly by Artificial Intelligence are one more step in this digital advance. Although an image created using AI can be completely false, it is also true that the main camera apps make some adjustments to lighting, brightness and other sections to guarantee minimum quality in each of the photos.

A couple by AI   

The great debate that also includes photographers revolves around the amount of editing that a photo undergoes until it is considered a photo. In this small gallery and selection of images you will see some incredible photos that look like they were created by PC. But perhaps even the most spectacular photos come from the expert eye of a photographer.

In the beginning, photography was an art that was considered realistic. Able to capture the essence and the exact moment, recording sensations and images completely. However, today it is well known that retouching and editing in photography is commonplace, to the point that camera applications or devices themselves capture and retouch to generate the best appearance in each photo.

Creating images through Artificial Intelligence

La Generative Artificial Intelligence It is capable, from a description, of creating all types of representations. From paintings to photos. The great challenge for users is to guess which work is real and was created through human labor, and which is merely a collection of data organized by Artificial Intelligence.

Fun at music festivals

It is not about judging the quality, beauty or suitability of one image over another, but rather about recognizing what traits of humanity shine through in each photo. The human eye has defects, but at the same time it captures elements that perhaps an Artificial Intelligence does not know how to glimpse in a description.

example images

A valley covered by fog of marine origin. At first, it appears to be a capture taken in any valley in the early morning or evening hours. But in reality it is an AI creation from a description of this type.

Another proposal. The couple at the Golden Gate. Smiles, the bridge in the background, a little blurred by the fog. It seems very real. However, it is another creation of a generative AI that, based on a verbal description, can position people in different scenarios.

There are also photos with many people, and large groups are usually suspected. It is a way of understanding that Artificial Intelligence fills spaces with crowds. In this case, the photo is real. It was taken at the Outside Lands festival at a Classixx show in San Francisco. The joy of men and women enjoying their favorite band is very difficult to achieve with AI.

A boy and his mother in a refugee camp in Thessalonigi, Greece. It is a real, emotional, deep, and totally human image.

Image of refugees in Greece

We end with an incredible photo of a dog and his faithful human companion. They are at a camp, they smile at the camera and show their friendship. But it's false. It is an image created by Artificial Intelligence that captures the essence of the relationship between a man and his pet. That is why it is so striking that it is false.

An AI image of man's best friend


Guess if an image is real or was created using Artificial Intelligence is not easy. It requires training your eye and paying attention to different details. Sometimes it may seem easier and other times the deception is almost perfect. In any case, the precision in the description also has a lot of influence. A good image described by powerful Artificial Intelligence can produce the same result as a well-captured photograph. Then there is the discussion about the essence of an AI. Has the time come to displace the role of the professional photographer? Are they alternatives that complement each other? Nothing can, today, supplant the humanity of the works. The aspects purely related to the subjective and the message that our creations give.

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