More than 18.00 Christmas elements for your designs for only $ 19!

Christmas pack

We are back with another of those Christmas packs with which to enjoy and extend your resources to be able to make Christmas greeting cards, send postcards or simply decorate your house with those DIY. We now have more than 1.800 Christmas items for your designs for just $ 19.

Yes, as you read it. Other of those irreplaceable offers With which to expand the content related to Christmas and that will allow you to be very flexible when it comes to giving a budget to a wide variety of clients. If you are also one of those who usually look for life, there are not many those 19 dollars to make a gift of great distinction to a loved one, so go ahead!

Buy the bundle here for only 19 dollars

A great pack of enormous quality

Before going on to highlight each of the contents that you will find in this pack, we must say that many of its graphics and illustrations are of enormous quality. That is, they are on par with what is expected today from a Christmas greeting card made in 2018 to move on to 2019.


It is an almost infinite repertoire that collect all kinds of categories within Christmas. Images of Santa Claus, Christmas trees, snow skiing, own illustrations, typical animals of these dates such as reindeer or those photographs of gift boxes very well presented and that can help you to stand out on social networks.

It's a almost infinite very current Christmas pack and who does not lack anything. Its content stands out for:

  • 20 vector illustrations.
  • 10 illustrations in PNG format with transparent background.
  • 36 layered PSD objects.
  • 408 snowflakes in PNG format with transparent background.
  • 260 backgrounds with a transparent background (forgive the redundancy).
  • 450 layers with transparent backgrounds.
  • 620 Lightroom presets to improve all those Christmas photographs that we have.

The cuckoos seamless vector backgrounds

What to say about those transparent backgrounds in vector format with an alternative design and very different. If you want to create your own wrapping paper, create that Christmas card or wallpaper some part of your house with paper, these vector illustrations are more than perfect.

Christmas Trees

The design is very alternative and the predominant color is pink. It distinguishes perfectly those Christmas trees anyway and with those stars that make them almost unique designs. If you want to be different and make your client be surprised by that special touch, this pack of illustrations in vectors is the best of this pack.

This pack is available in transparent background for AI, EPS and even SVG format; In other words, they can cause the minimum loading effect on the weight of your website if you know how to load the vector format of almost just kilobytes.

Christmas owls in PNG

Another of the contents that are distinguished in this pack is that of the Christmas owls. A series of owl cuckoos in which we find them of all varieties for stand out for those eyes so close together. You can take them to any type of objective so that they become the protagonists.

Cuckoo owls

There are with that Christmas hat, with angelic wings, with the horns of a reindeer or even with another cap of those that take the cold out of his ears. You will be able to combine them in the most varied poses so that they become a fun illustration with a fairly careful drawing.

In total there are 10 cuckoo owls in PNG format with that much-needed transparent background for be able to work with them from Photoshop or those Affinity programs that are getting so successful. We remind you that this pack of owls also includes each of the most expressive elements of their faces. That is, their eyes, beaks and those decorative elements of their clothes so that you can "build" your own owls.

620 presets for Lightroom

Lightroom has become an essential program for photo retouching. And although we can consume part of our life's time in customizing these presets to find all kinds of results or emphasize that chiaroscuro of a photograph taken with our smartphone or Nikon, the truth that owning a series of presets greatly facilitates the task of producing high quality images.

Lightroom presets

This is where the 620 presets for Lightroom come into this great Christmas pack. The idea of ​​all of them is emphasize those Christmas photographs so that they are shinier and put that magic touch so linked to these dates. We have a great variety of them and here you can find an image that shows you the great change that is made from a "before" to an "after" with some of those presets for Lightroom.


Let's say the presets or filters have been made to make that Christmas photo look much better. You just have to try among a few until you find the one that best suits that photo.

Some presets that are capable of perfectly saturate the photo to give a better balance color or highlight the magical halo of those lights that decorate our Christmas trees. There are them for all reasons, so we are facing one of the central points of this pack for Christmas that you can get it for 19 dollars. A great offer to expand your special content for this time of year.


And it cannot be missing in a pack of this nature what are snowflakes. Snowflakes that fall perfect for any design work and that we often need them in different shapes, colors and designs.


In total they are 250 layers of snowflakes we have available in this great pack for Christmas. They are characterized by being in a resolution of 5.000px X 3.325 px with a depth of 300dpi. That is, they will look perfectly sharp if we use them on 800 x 600 pixel postcards. They are also available in 5 colors so that you can combine them with those jobs that you will be doing for these Christmas days.

As you can see in the photographs we share they are scared in each one of them. So it is another of the central points of this great pack.

260 colorful Christmas backgrounds

We now turn to a series of colorful and bright backgrounds for this Christmas. In total there are 260 and we find them in all possible forms, designs and that great fusion of colors to powerfully attract the attention of those who receive our Christmas greeting card.

Colorful backgrounds

The truth is that it has a great repertoire to have some funds in which models appear, so for those jobs in which we have to present an event or Christmas party, they are more than ideal. Like the rest of the content, they are present in high resolution and are perfectly defined; in case whatever they had to be worth to be taken to the printing press and see that poster designed by us on the front door of some club or local party.

100 Christmas Layers

These Christmas capes have a great effect by being sheer. It is as if painting with a brush in which the snow was the material to draw and paint, so you can get an idea of ​​the great finish it has.

Those layers exist in every possible way and many even represent letters so that thanks to our creativity we can give it a place on those greeting cards or that Christmas poster for the end of the year party.

The resolution is 4.500 px x 4.500 px with a depth of 300 dpi.

25 minimalist trees for Christmas


Another of the great ideas carried out with this pack is having integrated minimalist christmas trees. They are 3D trees that simulate the background with those shadows and a slightly minimalist design. It is as if some great furniture designer took a program like Maya and spent a good time making what he understands as a very special Christmas tree.

If you are looking for something special and unique for a greeting card that needs your dedication, these 25 minimalist trees are beyond excellent. We are talking about PSD files with a resolution of 4.650 pixels x 3.125 px and a depth of 300DPI.

5 Layered Christmas PSD

Christmas muffins

Another of the designs that distinguish this pack are these 5 PSD files that could perfectly decorate some of those stores that we are looking for at this time to find a gift that is different. It is almost a Muffins recipe totally sugary and in which pink and pastel colors predominate in their color palette.

They are made in 3D, so they are provided with great realism. That is, we can combine them perfectly with realistic photographs in which we have any decorative object or our kitchen as the main element. Of great finish and that adds a lot of quality to the whole set of this pack for Christmas.

24 copper snowflakes

Copper flakes

This series of snowflakes is characterized by the material: copper. And the truth that must be said that they are of great elegance with a serious of wildly striking shimmering copper shades.

Another set of snowflakes that adds a lot of quality to the whole set itself. They are 24 snowflakes of different shapes, thicknesses and textures, although they all have that point in common which is copper. If we can combine them with other decorative elements it can lead to a different and special greeting card, so let's work on it a bit.

24 gold snowflakes

Gold flakes

The big difference with the previous pack is the material that is represented: gold. They are characterized by dimensions of 6.500 px X 6.500 PX and a depth of 300 DPI.

Also their design is very good and they are capable of being those snowflakes with which decorate some Christmas motifs. It will already be up to you to know how to find the perfect place to decorate your works for different clients.

Grunge and metallic christmas

Grunge Snowflakes

As in other packs that we have brought along these lines on some occasions, we have two packs related to grunge and the metallic or heavy metal. They are distinguished by the textures used and that sliding material that gives rise to other types of presentations. Another great extra in this Christmas pack that cannot be missed if we have those $ 19 it costs.

On the one hand 24 4.500 x 4.500 px grunge snowflakes, depth 300DPI and 4 colors. While the metallics go up to 4.000 x 4.000 pixels with 300DPI in depth. Ah, also 4 colors to vary them and use them as it suits us.

Assorted snowflakes

White snow

We finished with another series of snowflake packs that they go from those white and pristine to those more striking and who tend to have a greater predilection for those Christmas motifs. There are also some blacks in case we have a relative who opts for Tim Burton films.

If you liked the resources you can buy the whole pack for only $ 19 from this link

In short, a great pack of Christmas elements with which we will not miss anything to decorate all those congratulations, those papers with which to paper gifts or that poster with which a colleague wants the party to be pete for the end of the year. If you want to have a wider range of content in your content and be more flexible, this pack is simply essential.

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