Retro Style Brushes for Adobe Photoshop

brushes to use in photoshop

La retro fashion It is one of the most remembered trends nowadays and it is that despite the great changes suffered, it is possible to see how many people remember this time with nostalgia. And it is not for less, since during that time, life acquired great changes at the cultural level, thanks to the emergence of the music of the 70-80, being bands that marked the lives of countless people.

Retro brushes for Photoshop

brushes to use in photoshop

In today's article we want to let you know some retro brushes, which the user you can use when making your pictorial works, among which, retro fashion is the protagonist in context.

These brushes illustrate a large part of the elements that for the retro era were part of the culture itself, for this reason, a large part of the brushes will be shown under certain trends and that by the 90s they were the main trend in many countries.

Old cars

Cars were part of our life in the mid-XNUMXth century. This brush includes a compilation of all those models, which today are the emblem of the retro era of the 90s (Moment in which retro fashion began to show great potential).

The best thing about all this is that retro is still part of many markets And that includes these types of vehicles, therefore, vintage cars have a certain representation when it comes to retro.

Old School

brushes to use in photoshop

The term of "Old School”, Usually refers to all those practices that were once part of the contractual repertoire of those who lived their golden age in the past.

So "old school" may be the yesterday's music, yesterday's games, yesterday's methods and clothing… Etc., With many symbolic elements that we can find within the “Old School”.

Tourist forms

This class of brushes refer to all those life forms that were evaluated on the future life, that is to say, the one that today we consider our present and is that the life of today can be similar in certain circumstances of what in the past it was thought what the future itself would be. Even some representations of this trend they can be starred in movies like back to the future, or also Terminator ... etc.

Advertising yesterday

brushes to use in photoshop

This trend brings together all those brands that at some point were part of the ads that could only be seen on television. Likewise, it is also possible to appreciate the thousands of ways that companies used as methods to advertise their brands.

Circular shapes

Circles were part of many styles in the 60s, where many rock genre record projects generated a great trend for this styleIn such a way that we could come across all kinds of cultural representation, in which the circles were part of the show to be shown.

Old maps

brushes to use in photoshop

The old maps were indispensable in retro times. Although many do not know it, old maps were very common in some rooms or businesses, in such a way that it was possible to come across every kind of map anywhere. And it is that part of the custom was to place them on walls so that they could be observed by everyone.

There are several brushes that the user can choose to carry out all their jobs under the context of retro fashion and is that each symbolizes a specific trend, but all together express only one thing: retro culture.

This fashion was and will perhaps be, one of the most significant times in life for many people and this can be attributed to multiple reasons. But to all this, retro fashion has made its mark permanently in the lives of many people, in such a way, we can realize the many fashions that exist today thanks to the retro era.

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