The best prompts to generate images with MidJourney

The best prompts to generate images with MidJourney

Midjourney has revolutionized images and photos. Now you can no longer trust if a photo is real or not. However, finding the key to obtain them is sometimes not easy. That is why many seek the best prompts to generate images with MidJourney. You are one of them?

If you also need examples of effective prompts to generate images with Midjourney, you have come to the right place because we are going to give you several examples to get them. Shall we start?

Why you should use English prompts in Midjourney

cherry blossom created with artificial intelligence

As you know, Midjourney is a tool that can perfectly be written in Spanish, French, Italian... However, we have just told you that it is best to use prompts in English. Because?

We explain it to you. As you know, the tool is foreign. That is, they have not created it in Spain. Rather, she comes from abroad and has been trained above all in English. Although it is capable of understanding other languages, if when searching for the images you want you use the language with which it originated, the results will be much closer to the image you have in your mind.

Therefore, although the best prompts to generate images with MidJourney may be in Spanish, or in your language, The truth is that in English it will be much better.

The best prompts to generate images with MidJourney in English

ai generate

And having said the above, Here we are going to leave you some prompts that we have found on the Internet to generate images with MidJourney.

A world made entirely of music, with musical notes and instruments as buildings, in the style of Amélie

A vast, golden desert landscape with a hidden oasis, in the style of Lawrence of Arabia

Spectacular Tiny World in the Transparent Jar On the Table, interior of the Great Hall, Elaborate, Carved Architecture, Anatomy, Symetrical, Geometric and Parameteric Details, Precision Flat line Details, Pattern, Dark fantasy, Dark errie mood and ineffably mysterious mood, Technical design, Intricate Ultra Detail, Ornate Detail, Stylized and Futuristic and Biomorphic Details, Architectural Concept, Low contrast Details, Cinematic Lighting, 8k, by moebius, Fullshot, Epic, Fullshot, Octane render, Unreal, Photorealistic, Hyperrealism

A zebra playing basketball with a zebra striped ball, in the style of Willem de Kooning

Anthropomorphic majestic blobfish knight, portrait, finely detailed armor, cinematic lighting, intricate filigree metal design, 4k, 8k, unreal engine, octane render

tiny cute adorable ginger tabby kitten studio light

A little girl with light brown short wavy curly hair and blue eyes floating in space, gazing in wonder at a quasar, Clear, detailed face. Clean Cel shaded vector art by lois van baarle, artgerm, Helen huang, by makoto shinkai and ilya kuvshinov, rossdraws, illustration

A portrait of a mystical old woman in India, her face is obscured by a veil of smoke that seems to emanate from her very being. Her eyes de ella glow with a faint, otherworldly light, and her skin de ella is a shimmering gold. She wears a flowing, iridescent robe that seems to change color depending on the angle of the light. She stands in a dark, mystical chamber, surrounded by arcane symbols and mysterious objects. The atmosphere is one of ancient power and mystery., A colorful illustration with intricate details and textures that create a sense of depth and richness. The angle is dramatic, highlighting the woman's regal posture and the mysterious surroundings of her. ––ar 16:9 ––niji ––s 1000

Epic tennis game by a couple, anime style. 4K, –ar 3:2

A cinematic photography of a classroom with 8-year-old children. The school is in Kibera, a slum in Kenya. All the children are learning in the classroom using virtual reality goggles. The classroom is very humble, with walls made of recycled wood and corrugated iron roofing. The desks are wooden benches. Highly detailed. Crowded. Children. Inspirational. Vibrant lighting. –ar 3:2 –s 750 –q 2 –v 5.2

An educational website, incorporating playful illustrations and intuitive navigation for a delightful learning experience –ar 16:9

Snow-capped mountains, with four mobile telecom towers on top, light blizzard, ultra-realistic, cinematic, chromatic aberration, incredibly detailed and intricate, FKAA, TXAA, RTX, CGI, VFX, –ar 3:2

A serene waterfall in a lush tropical forest, with sunlight filtering through the canopy, painted in the style of Claude Monet. ::2 [Waterfall]::1 [Sunlight]::1 –ar 16:9

A flock of colorful parrots takes flight in a dense jungle, creating a burst of vibrant hues, inspired by Henri Rousseau's jungle scenes. ::3 [Parrots]::2 [Jungle] –ar 3:2

Five-year-old boy takes a selfie with a dog. Both are smiling. Sunset lighting. –ar 3:2

A street musician playing a saxophone under a streetlight, with a city skyline in the background, in a moody film noir style. ::1 [Musician]::1 [Saxophone]::1 [City Skyline] –ar 16:9

The best prompts to generate images with MidJourney in Spanish

fantasy image created with artificial intelligence

If you don't get along well with English and you want to create prompts just as effective as the English ones, take note of these that we have found on the Internet.

A pink hippopotamus trekking in the mountains. Pixar style.

a fairy prince with a botanical beard, flowing hair, light blue eyes, symmetrical mossy antlers, intensely sad gaze, wearing a floral tiara, magical details, twilight atmosphere, in the style of Art Germ, Alyssa Monks, Studio Ghibli, close-up, close-up glamorous –v 5 –appearance 9:16

Photo portrait of an ancient Asian warrior chief, tribal panther makeup, blue on red, in profile, looking into the distance…

A man of about 60 years old sitting on the sofa in his living room, calmly watching a television. He has the remote control in his hand, pointing towards the TV. The walls are plain with some landscape paintings, there is a large window on the back wall covered with a curtain. The entire room is illuminated in red.

The earth revives after the extinction of the human being, a new beginning, nature takes over the buildings, animal kingdom, harmony, peace, the earth in balance –version 3 –s 1250 –illumination –ar 4:3 –without text, blur

A mushroom-shaped city in a snow globe, Stunning details, hyper-realistic rendering

A house built in a huge soap bubble, windows, doors, porch, awning, in the middle of space, cyberpunk lights, hyperdetail, 8K, HD, Octane rendering, Unreal Engine, V-Ray, full hd — s5000 –uplight –q 3 –stop 80–w 0.5 –ar 1:3

As you can see, the best prompts for generating images with MidJourney are those that describe very well everything the image should have. So, when creating them, make sure that it follows the same and do not cut yourself with the description, although make it as specific as possible, using the exact words. Apply the effects you want and you will get good results. Can you give us even more advice?

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