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When we carry out or design a certain project, we are always conditioned by how it will be represented in reality. It is for this reason that, currently, this task is very simple and easy to make possible since there are a series of means that allow this.

These means are mockups, and it is not that they are simply false realities or fictitious interpretations, but rather, as designers that we are, we can also become capable of designing them, and in this way, be able to implement them on our program and visualize them.

It is for this reason that, in this post, We will explain what these mockups are and we will show you some examples of the best web pages where you can investigate and find the one that best suits your type of project.

Mockups: what are they

honey mockup

Source: Envato Elements

Mockup comes from the English word meaning sketch or test. To put ourselves in a situation with this type of medium, let's say it is an original photomontage of what the piece we are going to design will be or what we are designing, and for which we need to be able to see it through reality.

They not only exist for a certain product or design, but rather, they are designs that can be implemented on different online media, such as web pages, mobile applications, or printed media that we can see abroad. as is the case of marquees or billboards.

Mockups can complement us in many uses and functionsIn addition, not only that, they can become part of one of the integral pieces of our project, so if we are going to look for a certain mockup, it is important that it is well designed and enabled for our design, since a Poorly designed mockup can make our design deteriorate in its original presentation, and therefore it can lose all interest.


  • Mockups are designs that are going to be part of our design, so it is important that before downloading it, let's read information about that design or let's see examples of what the designs look like through that particular mockup.
  • Use the color palette you used for the design, also for your mockup, in this way it will seem that both are well connected with the message that we want to transmit to our certain audience.
  • Run as many mockup tests as possible.

Apps to download mockups

Graphic burger

burger logo

Source: Deividart

It is one of the star sites to download mockups, it has a wide category of mockups with which you can download them easily and without any problem. Notably, It is a tool that is characterized above all by the quality of its mockups., since we can find them of all kinds and ready to use them quickly and comfortably.

In addition, there is also the possibility of being able to design and recreate them as we please in programs like Photoshop, so we can create totally free designs.


behavior logo

Source: 1000 marks

Behance is an Adobe tool that allows us to publish and thus promote our designs to our specific audience.. There is a very wide audience ranging from photographers to professional graphic designers. In addition, it also allows the possibility of finding a job thanks to its portfolio tool where you can apply all your designs quickly and easily.

Another of its functions to highlight are the mockups, We will be able to investigate and find very interesting mockups with which to work on our designs in a fast and professional way, so there is no doubt that it is a tool with multiple functions.



Source: YouTube

Without a doubt, we are talking about one of the crown jewels when it comes to finding mockups. It is an excellent tool for those who want to find mockups quickly and easily.

It has the possibility of a search engine that allows you to find those mokcups that are most interesting to you. Also, the vast majority of them are totally free, so if you want to get one, you will have no problem choosing and using it in your designs.

Without a doubt, it is one of the star recommendations by many designers who have already tried it.


Mockups have always helped us in the representation or photomontage of our designs. Therefore, they have always been a good way or tool to be able to see our design through a fictitious reality, so that in this way, our client can have a good reference of our design.

However, it is also possible to find paid mockups with which you can invest the necessary money in your design. We hope you have learned more about this important tool for graphic design, and especially for your important and outstanding projects.

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