Wordpress themes

Selection of 10 free responsive WordPress themes

The growing demand for WordPress sites makes it necessary for designers to free themselves from repetitive jobs that can be simplified. For this you can get WordPress themes that simplify this work. Here we have collected 10 free responsive templates.

Wordpress tutorials for beginners

10 free WordPress tutorials perfect for beginners

The WordPress content creation platform continues to grow and more and more customers are interested in using this medium to create their site. This has become a very profitable activity for designers and that is why we teach you the best tutorials to master it.

WordPress analysis

WordPress 3.9 analysis

WordPress 3.9 and we want to give you our first impressions with this basic analysis about its news. Go ahead and read us and leave your opinions.

Top 7 SEO plugins for WordPress

Positioning well in Google is possible thanks to Wordpress and its plugins. Discover the TOP 7 SEO plugins to improve the SEO of your website and beat the competition.

Backup of your Wordpress

How to backup your WordPress

Are you tired of having to backup your WordPress? You should see the tutorial that we bring you today. Making your copy has never been easier.

5 WordPress themes for tech blogs

The technological topic is certainly very popular on the Internet, which is why there are a large number of pages in which content related to this topic is published

5 WordPress themes for restaurants

One of the things that you should think about first is to get a theme that is consistent with the site and in this case today we bring 5 WordPress themes for restaurants.

5 free banner templates

The banner is one of the most important elements for the promotion of a website, which is why it is almost essential to make sure that its design causes a visual impact and is attractive to visitors.

5 WordPress themes for wedding websites

We know that the theme is very varied when we talk about the templates for web pages that we can use, since this is mainly based on the type of content that will be on the site