10 good portfolios made in Cargocollective and 4 free invitations

Good portfolios with Cargocollective

When making our portfolio online we have at our disposal a multitude of platforms. Which to choose? My recommendation is that you try them all, mess with them and keep the one you like the most: for the ease of customization, for the available templates, for how easy it is to update ...

One of the best platforms to do this is Cargocollective. If you have ever wanted to enter, you will have realized that an invitation is needed to create your portfolio there. Well, you are in luck! I have decided to give you the four invitations that I have left to the first four readers of this post.

Good design, photography and illustration portfolios

The magic words of the good portfolio: easy navigation, clear and concise information and selection of the best works. We often want to make a brilliant portfolio that stands out, that is a novelty in terms of its design… But we forget that the main thing is the content. If you are not a machine programming, designing and developingPerhaps your best option is a portfolio creation platform.

Here is a list of 10 good portfolios made with Cargocollective that can inspire you and show you what you can do.

As for the the invitations- Only one URL for a single person. Therefore, if you click on a link and it does not work, it means that someone has been faster than you, so I recommend that you go back to the post and try another address. When you use it, I ask you to leave a comment saying so in order to close the post and notify that the invitations have been exhausted.

  1. Mariana garcia: Graphic designer by training, Mexican photographer by profession. We are facing a clean portfolio, with a very distinctive logo on the header. The single common section to other portfolios, "about". He then links to the magazine in which he collaborates, his Tumblr and his blog (all are external links). The content hosted on cargocollective is classified into "stories", "campaigns", "portratis" and "non-human", a way of organizing your work. As you can see, a .org domain has been purchased Mariana garcia
  2. Atelier Dyakova- London based graphic designer and art director. At first, it has struck me that the navigation menu is positioned as a column on the right side of the screen. The content is available on the main page as a blog, but if we click on the categories in that menu we will go to specific content (information about it, awards, publications, press releases ...). I don't like the typography, nor do I like the Following (10) link so characteristic of Cargocollective. In addition, the author has not taken care of the favicon of his website, which is the same as that of the platform. Atelier Dyakova
  3. mike deal: graphic designer and web developer. The content is the important thing: without distractions, the images corresponding to each project are arranged on the screen. You can only browse the "About" section, The only one throughout the web, arranged next to the header with your logo. mike deal
  4. Glory Marigo: photographer. Portfolio that is on the opposite side of the previous one due to its numerous categories (each corresponds to the title of a project). If we scroll we will only scroll through the central part of the web, leaving the left sidebar always fixed. In my case, as I have a 13 ”screen it is uncomfortable because the sections are cut off and I cannot see them all (always remember the importance of portfolios being responsive). Glory Marigo
  5. Pepper & Cinnamon- Small branding studio located in Singapore. Under the logo that crowns the portfolio is the title of each project, in addition to the about section. Under this kind of menu are the images that correspond to each project. Whether you click on them or on the menu, you will go to the detailed description of each job. Pepper & Cinnamon
  6. Sean McClintock: Motion graphics designer and illustrator from New York. Instead of placing the sections of his portfolio (which are two, "About" and "Blog") he has created two images that accompany the logo in texture and color, in a way that does not clash. If we move vertically we can see all the images corresponding to their work. Sean McClintox
  7. simon alibert: Incredible as it may seem, on this website we won't find a logo. Not a header, as such. Just a navigation menu made up of large text made up of two sections, which classify the photographic work, and a third called “About”. This is the only place where we will find the name of Simon Alibert, in addition to the domain: UX designer and amateur photographer. simon albert
  8. Merijn Hos: illustrator and visual artist. A portfolio with many projects. I am struck by the fact that the name and the categories do not differ in size, color, placement ... Merijin Hos
  9. Mauro gatti: illustrator. Welcomes us with a nice message in the header. The navigation is very similar to the previous portfolio. Mauro gatti
  10. iamalwayshungry: Creative studio located in New Orleans. Dark background as a welcome, the importance of the image reigns. To scroll through the images of each project we will have to use the arrows on our keyboard. iamalwayshungry

Free invitations to Cargocollective:

http://cargocollective.com/start/new/483703 (USED)
http://cargocollective.com/start/new/483704 (USED)
http://cargocollective.com/start/new/483705 (USED)
http://cargocollective.com/start/new/483706 (USED)

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  1.   mariaagua said

    Thank you very much, leaving the invitations is a detail and the article is truly inspiring.

    1.    Lua louro said

      Thanks to you marriaagua, I'm glad that the post inspired you. If you use an invitation, remember to say it here, so that you can "cross out" (each invitation is for a single use).

  2.   mariaagua said

    okay! I have used number 3

    1.    Lua louro said

      Perrfect, link crossed out. I hope you get along with Cargocollective! ;)

  3.   Phyto said

    I guess you don't have any invitations left, right?

    1.    Lua louro said

      Fito, have you tried the 3 invitations that are not crossed out? In principle they should be available.

      1.    Phyto said

        They do not work puts. Someone forgot to thank you… I thank you anyway!

        We will keep reading for the next opportunity.

        Congratulations on the blog, it has improved a lot since the first days I read you!

        1.    Lua louro said

          Well, what a shame ... At the moment I have no more invitations. If I get any, I promise to edit the post and notify me with a comment.

          Thanks! We are several to write and we are happy to read these things.
          Cheer for Beijing;)

  4.   Gonzalez frames said

    Could someone invite me to cargocollective, thank you very much

  5.   Gonzalez frames said

    Hello good trades, could you send me an invitation for cargocollective? Thanks a lot