Rare and uncommon colors

What is the rare color called pervenche like?

In the world of design, Colors are one of the fundamental elements to understand and comprehend the work of designers. Rare and less used colors are often the ones that surprise and stand out the most. Therefore, in this article we take a short trip through the wonderful reality of colors, their most extravagant and best-known forms. The rare and uncommon colors that stand out and surprise the viewer, and how they combine and blend with other shades.

From the unknown plumbago to the ocher tone, passing through Drake's Neck or vantablack. Many of these colors you may not have heard of in your life, but they are part of the wonderful color palette of our world.

The rarest colors

Thinking that there are numerous different ways of visualizing and understanding color is an essential part of the world of design. Detect the subtle differences, the meanings that differ by a tonality that is barely differentiated, but that mark a before and after for the realization of your work or work. Therefore, in this list you will find some uncommon and rarest colors, and a description that tries to get closer and show why they are so unique.


This is a metallic blue color which was named this way in the 80s, in Mexico. It was widely used by automobile brands and its origins are strongly linked to the world of motors. Since the cyclamen tone comes from the litmus of the oil of this type of vehicle. Its origins are related to the original lead in chewing gum, so in some shades it can be close to magenta or pink. A unique, very extravagant color that had a very popular time and then became somewhat strange.


The pervenche is a color whose origins are in natural life. Originally it is a French word that serves to translate “periwinke”, a small flower whose color ranges between the blue and purple spectrum. Pervenche is a strong, flat color, it has no softness or shine. It is a color that in some aspects denotes seriousness, but also care and calm. Like other shades of purple, it invites you to relax and rest. Let's stop for a moment and pause the demands of everyday life.


Another color coming from a flower. In this case, it is a type of flower that is very small, pretty, and grows in community. Its tone is a bright blue, almost lilac, and although it is a solid color, sometimes it has touches of other shades. In some parts of Europe it is widely used to paint small children's rooms.

The darkest black, Vantablack


Among the color range rare, the blackest black man in the world could not be missing. Its creation was made from carbon nanotubes and can absorb 99.965% of visible light radiation. Unlike other colors, when we pass this color in front of the eye in different directions, absolutely nothing is seen. The same shade of black, without modifications. The artist Anish Kapoor bought the rights to this pigment and for that reason no one can use it except him, or by paying a commission for use.


Another of the rare colors that exist in the world. The Nattier owes its name to its creator: Jean-Marc Nattier. A French Rococo artist who created numerous portraits of the court of King Louis XV. Nattier is a metallic blue color, it was not very common and began to appear in his work, giving rise to a new shade of blue that has been immortalized in the world of pigments.

Antimony and rare colors

Antimony is a chemical element that is part of the metalloids. The stone is a single color that ranges between white and blue, with strong metallic tints. When it changes color, so does its composition. Being then a clear demonstration of the multiple variables and relationships of the elements that make up the world.


The sarcoline is in the orange color family. It can be found in nature, and is very common among portrait artists and makeup artists. It is a tone similar to pale skin with some yellow undertones. Its location within the color family is difficult, because in light tones it appears yellow and beige, but in medium tones it is orange and its darkest tones are brown.

The Xanadú color and its characteristics


The xanadú is another of the rare colors that we can find in the color palettes of the nature. In this case, it is a color made up of equal parts red, green and blue. Its tone is grayish and its name refers to a dream, luxurious and fantasy place. It is a somewhat extravagant color but with a shade that I love.

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