13 questions to ask a client before designing a logo

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La quality of a logoapart from having a elegant, neat and precise designIt must express what the company wants and know how to distinguish itself from the competition.

At the same time it has to satisfy the customer, who is the one who wants the logo at first. In order to create a logo that exceeds all the expectations created, the necessary information must be gathered before starting to design it. Here are 16 questions to ask before getting down to business.

13 Questions to Ask the Customer

1. How would you describe your company in 1 or 2 sentences?

The logo must represent the business from your client, otherwise it won't work. Two sentences are the perfect ones to describe what the client's company or company develops or creates.

2. What are the keywords to describe your business?

Here it will be specified in several words descriptive services or products of the company.

Customer questions

3. What distinguishes your company from others?

It's crucial know how it distinguishes the products or services of the client of others.

4. Who is your target market?

A logo that is geared towards young people will be quite different from one that targets adults. You have to know potential clientele of the products or services of your client.

5. Who are your main competitors?

Knowing who your client's competitors are allows you to make a comparative research. As soon as we know what the competition's logos are like, we can design one that is somewhat different and differentiates itself.

6. What kinds of logos do you like or dislike?

This is important for know the ideas or tastes of the client in order to know what cannot be done, since we can come up with a logo that the client suddenly hates.

7. What is the reason for creating a new logo?

If the company or company already has a logo and is looking for a new design, you have to know the reasons. What are your intentions or what do you think is missing from the old logo.

8. How will the new logo be used?

You have to know how the logo will be used, whether it is already on a website or a business card or another site. There are certain designs that do not work the same way whether they are in print or on the web.

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9. Color preferences?

If the customer is already known for some color scheme, it would be appropriate to use those colors in the new design.

10. Is there a motto?

If the client had a motto that has to be brought to the logo, it should be known. It's easier to work on a project with a slogan than to design something and try to do it later.

11. When do you want it designed for?

Since there are some clients they want it immediately It is important to know the time it will take to do it.

12. How much as budget?

Budget it is something that concerns in creation of the design project. If the client is going to be able to spend a small amount, it must be known in advance.

13. Is there anything else I should know?

As a final question, to know if the client should share some type of information or opinion.

Questions to ask yourself

1. Are the customer's expectations reasonable?

You should never accept a project when the client is not going to pay what one has asked. A job can be rejected if the client demands certain things that are impossible.

2. Can I do what the client wants?

You have to ask yourself if he is able to perform what the client wants, since you yourself are the best known in this case. We should never accept projects that go beyond our own limits.

3. Have I communicated clearly with the client?

What you never want is that a client say one thing so that you can bring him another. It is essential that the client knows what your qualifications, commitments and agreed dates are.

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