Maria Rosa

I have been passionate about Graphic Design since I was little. I have always been fascinated by the power of communicating ideas, emotions and messages through shapes, colors and typography. That's why, when I finished high school, I didn't hesitate and enrolled in a degree in Graphic Design at the Murcia Higher School of Design, one of the best in the country. There I learned the theoretical and practical foundations of design, as well as how to use the most advanced digital tools. I also had the opportunity to carry out real projects for clients and participate in competitions and exhibitions. Currently, I work as a graphic design writer for an online magazine, where I share my experiences, advice and opinions about the sector. I love writing about what I'm passionate about and conveying my enthusiasm for design to readers. In addition, I continue to train and update myself constantly, since design is a field that evolves quickly and requires being up to date with the latest trends and developments. My goal is to continue growing as a professional and as a person, and to continue enjoying what I do.