How to learn to illustrate

How to learn to illustrate

Do you want to know how to learn to illustrate? Here we give you the guidelines for you to start in this wonderful world.


How to draw with Illustrator

There are programs that help us draw and create illustrations. In this post, we talk to you about Illustrator and we explain how to draw.

Adobe illustrator logo

Illustrator templates

Did you know that there are web pages where you can get Illustrator templates for free or premium? In this post we find out.

Full Panther Logo

Tips for vectorizing a logo

Tips to vectorize a logo or an image and increase the efficiency of the design and digitization process, so that others also benefit from it.

adobe illustrator history

History of Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator points out, that currently more than 180 million graphics originate monthly through its use, something that continues to make them leaders.

entrance pattern

How to create a pattern in Illustrator

With this simple tutorial we will learn how to make a quality pattern in Illustrator in a few simple steps, it will allow us to give style to our designs.

Illustrator CS5 Manual in Spanish

Yesterday I brought you the Photoshop CS5 Manual in Spanish and today I bring you the Spanish manual for Illustrator CS5. It is made up of a 528-page PDF file with very good explanatory texts and in most sections there are also screenshots to help us understand the explanations better.